Workout Fashion


Looking back to New Years, I made a new years resolution, like everyone else (and their dog), to go to the gym more. I gave myself an easy and very achievable goal of working out twice a week. To some people, this seams like nothing, but I’ve never been someone who has worked out, but that’s another story for another time. So against all odds, I’ve stuck to it and I feel great. I mean sure, the exercise makes you feel good, but at the moment, it’s mostly that I’ve finally committed myself to a gym routine for the first time in my life and that makes me feel pretty proud.

After I got through my first committed month of gym going, I treated myself to some new workout clothes (yes, even more cliche), because with a new determination to workout also comes with a new gym wardrobe, obviously. But to be honest, they have totally helped me motivate myself! Of course it’s awesome to look great and feel great at the gym, but what I’ve learned so far is that if I enter the gym feeling confident, I am more likely to work harder and leave the gym feeling positive and proud of myself. Also, I’ve been enjoying my cute gym clothes because it’s easier to fit in a workout when you can wear your gym clothes to the errands or class you have to go to before.

So here’s a peak at all my favorite pieces in my workout wardrobe. My go-to tops are these racer-back tank tops from Victoria’s Secret. I picked these up at the end of the season sale for super cheep, so naturally I got as many colors as I could find. But I have been living in these for my workouts! They are super comfortable and very breathable, which I love because as your sweating, they don’t hold in all that heat and moisture. They are a slim fit style which I like because if I take and classes, like zumba, or if I’m running on the treadmill, I hate it when my hands get caught on more baggier styles (I could be the only one with that

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