Winter Wonderland


Winter is nearly here and with the chilly weather comes frantic Christmas shopping, cozy fire places, and peppermint hot chocolates from Starbucks (I really need to expand out of my comfort zone in the drinks department). Unfortunately for me and my chilly winter dreams, it seams as though I have brought the warm weather of 75 degrees with me from LA to Athens, GA. Of course my Athenian friends are welcoming in the warmth for a break from their already mild winter, but I have been a bit disappointed. I can only hope that the weather cools down before Christmas, but in the meantime, I can pretend and wear all the snuggly clothes that will never see the light of day in LA.

White to me is a neutral. I love the color because it is crisp and clean, and I use it similarly to how I wear black in my wardrobe. I’ve also never been much of a fashion or makeup rule follower, so that whole ‘you can’t wear white after labor day’ thing has never fazed me. In my mind, white is a perfect winter color. It gives me a canvas to play with different colors that would otherwise be lost on top of more bold shades. This outfit is an example of this. I’m wearing a light grey sweater with white jeans for a clean, sophisticated, and sleek look. These two neutrals go nicely with each other because they don’t compete. Either the white jeans or the grey sweater can take center stage depending on how you accessorize. I throw a white scarf on top of this outfit often because firstly, my neck gets really cold, and secondly, I think it adds another texture and element that further unifies the colors in the outfit. My shoes are a mauvey-taupe color that isn’t too matchy-matchy. It still goes nicely with the colors and the sneaker style gives the outfit casual vibe.

My statement piece for this outfit as a whole is my coat. This light blue coat is my favorite coat in my wardrobe. I love it as a layering price because it is big and snuggly and the light blue color is surprisingly versatile. My favorite way of wearing this coat is either on top of white or black, but I also use it to add a bit of sophistication to blue jeans and a simple t-shirt. Lastly is the bag. This beautiful Italian leather bag is from Numero 10. I love how worn and slouchy it is. Big slouchy bags are some of my favorite for winter. I’m a fan of little cross-body bags all year round, but there’s something about snuggling up in cozy knits and winter coats that makes me want to grab a big bag in the winter (probably so I can lug around all my in-case-of-emergency lip balms, gloves, scarves, hats, and all those other unnecessary things I like to carry around). Big bags make me feel prepared, not only to meet the winter cold, but for whatever else life decides to throw me.

I hope you enjoyed this post and try experimenting outside your comfort zone, maybe by wearing white in winter. DSC02500 DSC02515 DSC02538 DSC02536 DSC02523 DSC02542


COAT: Zara

SHIRT: Banana Republic

JEANS: Genetic Denim

SHOES: Steve Madden


BAG: Numero 10

LIPS: Mac Syrup