Why the L’Oreal Lumi Cushion is My Favorite Foundation this Summer


I don’t want to be dramatic and say that this foundation has changed my life, but it kind of did, well my makeup life. I have oily skin, like really oily, so I have pretty much lived and died by matte foundations and blotting powders. Honestly, I just never thought that I could achieve the dewy look without looking like a greasy mess. I figured the glow was just not for me, but I wasn’t really bothered by this. I rocked my matte skin and blotted away oil as soon as it appeared, not imagining that I was missing out at all. It wasn’t until this Spring, as glowy-dewy skin flooded back onto the scene and into everyone’s lives (but mine), I started to feel a little bit excluded. With my newfound skin confidence (thanks to a recently discovered holy grail primer, see post here!), I decided to go out on the hunt for a beautiful glowy base that wouldn’t break the bank. Thankfully, L’Oreal came to my aid.

I picked up the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion foundation early this Spring (March-ish). I remember applying this foundation and absolutely loving the finish. It was so natural looking with a perfectly build-able coverage and a glowing finish. I was honestly amazed, but skeptical. I went through my day, as usual, expecting this foundation to slide off, move around, or break up at any minute, but it prevailed flawlessly. I even tested it out through a tough workout (I know so bad, forgive me) and I finished just a tad bit glowier than I began. That’s when I was converted and I realized that I can finally and confidently rock glowy skin! So, here are all my tips and tricks to apply this foundation and how I prep my oily skin for a glowy base.

Firstly, I always start off with a primer, preferably my favorite Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm. A primer is definitely necessary because it creates a barrier between my skin’s oil production and the foundation, controlling my oil and helping the foundation stay in place. Next, when I apply my foundation, I select a tool based on the coverage I want. Usually I gravitate to a beauty blender for everyday light coverage and a synthetic bristled brush for more medium coverage, but honestly either one works great. After finishing with all my cream/liquid products, I always set my foundation with a powder. Setting my foundation is essential for making this foundation last on my oily skin (this isn’t necessary if you are dry), but I always select a more glowy powder like MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural, so that the finish of the foundation can shine through. If I do all these steps, then my foundation looks perfect all day long (a dream come true)!

Because of the finish and the longevity of this base, I think that this L’Oreal Cushion foundation has definitely been my favorite foundation of the Summer. It gives the glowy fresh finish that we all crave in Summer without looking greasy or sacrificing longevity. It does a good job of lasting me through the Summer heat and sweat and looks beautiful and never cakey, even when I’ve layered blotting powder over it (a lot). When selecting a shade in this foundation, I would pay more attention to the numbers (N3.5) as opposed to the undertone (N3.5), because they better reflect the progression in shades and because the shade selection is limited to 12 shades. For example, because I have a neutral-warm skin undertone, I would first select N2, then as I get tanner I would choose W3 and then N3.5. Here’s a link the the website if your confused by the shades. Other than the slightly confusing shades, this foundation is perfect! I absolutely love it and I highly recommend trying it, especially since it’s a feels like a luxury foundation, but at a drugstore price!

LorealLumiCushionFoundation-8424 LorealLumiCushionFoundation-8443

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