Why Orange is the New Red this Summer!


I’ve always been a fan of red. It’s my go to lip color to bring my look from meh to wow in one easy step. Red captures attention and makes a statement in an elegant and classic way that looks great on everyone. I do think that each person has their perfect shade of red that effortlessly complements their complexion, but recently, I have been moving out of this tried and true comfort zone.

Orange lips have been on my radar for a little over a year now. I’ve tried this trend before and chickened out, believing that orange is an impossible shade to pull off, but recently I’ve gained the courage to give this color a real test. Honestly, I did play it safe, opting for a orangey-red shade that was more in my comfort zone, but still exploring the genre of bold orange lips. I knew from the moment I swiped this color on my lips that I was sold. Orange is bold; it gives a statement and is an edgy twist on a classic style. It seems that I have found my perfect median between elegant and edgy that makes a fresh statement without venturing too far into crazy.

Not only is this shade on trend at the moment, with brands bringing out more and more orange shades left and right, but this color screams Summer. Orange is the warm Summer sister to a cool toned Winter red.  The shade just makes me feel beautiful. It makes my hazel eyes pop while still creating a subtle contrast with the bold lips.  Every time I wear this color I feel like I embrace this warm season with confidence. I guess that this is why I’ve deemed orange the new red for the Summer season. It’s a new favorite of mine and I definitely recommend getting your hands on a shade. This particular color is Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square. Let me know in the comments below what’s you’re favorite bold lip color for Summer.

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