What’s Inspiring Me

DSC03182So I thought that I would start a series of blogs talking about what has been inspiring me. Whether it’s clothes, makeup, food, or just beautiful things, I though it would be fun to share these things that bring a smile to my face or help me get through the tough weeks. At the moment, I’m not sure how long this series will go on or how regular these posts will be, weekly, monthly…who knows, but I think I’ll just write them based on when I feel inspired.

So the first thing that has been inspiring me has been flowers. I know that seams a bit silly and materialistic, but flowers, especially fresh flowers always make me smile. I love waking up in the morning to fresh flowers on my bedside table. My favorite flowers in particular are peonies and hydrangeas. I usually, whether it be at the grocery or farmers market, pass the flower section and get inspired by some particular bouquet and my creative (and less rational) side jumps in wanting to put together some beautiful assortment of flowers that I can admire for the next week.

The clothing item that has been inspiring me has been scarves. For some reason I have been obsessed with scarves lately, especially the maroon one I’m wearing below. I think they are so snuggly and they always make me feel like I can take a casual outfit or black outfit and make it a bit more exciting with a pop of color or some added texture. I will soon be on the hunt for some new scarf inspiration because I simply cannot resist!

Lastly, I have been really enjoying reading the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book is an inspiring read that teaches you how to live creatively without fear. Although I’m only a third of the way through it at the moment, I have really been enjoying all its positive and motivational messages that have inspired me to work on embracing my creative side. It has helped me decide to spend more time doing things for myself that help me be a healthier and happier person, whether its starting a fun new project, getting passionately involved in a new endeavor, or simply spending more time doing the things I have always loved. I highly recommend this book. It’s a good read!

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BOOTS: Steve Madden