What’s Inspiring Me!

Hey everyone! So I thought it was about time to do another one of my What’s Inspiring Me posts. Personally, I really enjoy gathering up all the images that have been giving me inspiration, whether that’s beauty, fashion, home, or even lifestyle related and sharing it with you all! So without further ado, here’s everything I’ve been loving.


I’ve always been a fan of braids for as long as I can remember, but sometime recently, I’ve become completely obsessed. Maybe it’s my recent commitment to a twice a week hair wash schedule that has made me embrace my natural texture, which suits braiding rather nicely, but regardless, I’ve been on a braiding kick. I’ve been mesmerized by Amber Fillerup’s beautiful and intricate braids, many of which she has tutorials for, and have been really enjoying trying to recreate them. I love how braids can both simplify or dramatically sophisticate a look. They can be effortless and easy, or incredibly complicated and fascinatingly beautiful. Maybe if I ever come near to mastering the art of braiding, I’ll share some of my looks with you all. Here are some of my favorite styles!

Braids Colloge

(picture one, two, three)

Strappy Sandals

With Summer around the corner, I have been embracing the strappy sandal trend. I think this style of shoe is so delicate and beautiful and I’ve been totally in love! I think they are not only beautiful in the classic brown and black, but also in brighter shades like the blue pair below. This style of shoe is so feminine and elegant and they remind me of Summer parties and beach weddings. I’ve definitely been stalking some gorgeous pairs online, Steve Madden has some fantastic styles out. These shoes in particular, I’ve been really admiring.

strappy sandals colloge

(picture one, two, three)

Summer Dresses

Another thing I’ve been really inspired by recently has been Summer dresses. I’ve really been gravitating to the beautiful flowy, elegant dresses that either incorporate lace, color, or drapery. Backless or open back dresses in particular have been top on my most wanted list. I’ve been so in love with some of these styles that I made a pretty big haul from ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Zara which you’ll be able to check out on Friday. Here are some of the styles that I was inspired by.

Summer dresses colloge

(picture one, two, three)

White Tile

This one may seem a bit random, but I have been really enjoying creating a home design board on Pinterest.  Maybe it’s because I’m still in college, but I dream of designing the interior my own future home. I love pinning little bits of inspiration that really gets me excited of being a part of the real world; I mean it doesn’t have to be all scary, right. So far my favorite rooms to plan have been my dream kitchen and bathroom, so I’ll share my bathroom goals with you now. Currently crip and clean white tile has been my number one inspiration as far as bathrooms concern. I particularly love the long and wide, kind of brick style, white tile (possibly called subway tile?). I think it gives an incredibly chic and sophisticated vibe to an otherwise potentially dreary and unexciting room. In addition, you have the creative ability to play with colors or metal elements to give the room a more personalized feel. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

White Tile Colloge

(picture one, two, three)

I really hoped you enjoyed a little sneak peak into what’s been inspiring me lately! You can find all of these images on my Pinterest if you’re interested in checking them out! Check back in Friday for a video and post from me!