What’s in My Carry-on Bag


Hey guys! So continuing on my travel series, I thought I would put together a video detailing everything I like to bring along with my in my carry-on bag. These are all of my in-flight essentials that I cannot live without or the important things I do not want in my checked luggage. If you haven’t seen my other videos and posts in this series I’ve got a What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag post and a What’s in My Travel Toiletries Bag post.

I do get a bit stressed out when traveling, especially in airports. I can often feel pretty anxious, so I like to be extra prepared with all of the essentials I would need to make my trip as seamless and relaxed as possible. I start out by charging all of my devices I plan on bringing the night before I leave, so that they are all fully charged and ready to go. I also like to bring a back up charger for my phone, because nothing is worse than having a dead phone when you are trying to coordinate with people picking you up at the airport or for other general communication needs. I also like having my carry-on completely packed, minus my devices and chargers, the night before. I like to carry with me a book or magazine or download a movie or two for in-flight entertainment. This is often necessary when I travel during short flights or even from coast-to-coast in the US, because I often find that many of these flights do not have TVs. I always pack a little toiletries bag with hand cream and lip balm. For longer flights I may pack more skincare essentials like makeup wipes and a face cream or if I have somewhere to be when I land, I’ll pack some touch up makeup bits and pieces like concealer, blotting powder and lipstick. If traveling out of the country, I obviously pack my passport and a pen to fill out the customs forms upon arrival. A few more bits and pieces I bring are tissues, advil, and tums or pepto bismol tablets just in case, and don’t forget your wallet! If I’m checking a bag, I like to bring my sunglasses along with me in my carry-on bag opposed to packing them in my suitcase. At the airport itself, I often pick up a snack like a kind bar and a huge water bottle. I find flights very dry and dehydrating and the little water cups they provide are never enough.

I hope these tips help you pack in the future for a more eased and relaxed traveling experience.

Bag – Zara
Book – How to be a Parisian
Phone – iPhone 6
Laptop – Macbook Air
Sunglasses – Dolce & Gabbana
Toiletries pouch – Vera Bradley
Chapstick – Burt’s Bees
Hand Cream – L’Occitane
Tide to Go pen
Lip Gloss Fragrance – Kate Spade Walk on Air
Hair Accessories – hair ties, bobbi pins, clear elastics
Moisturizer – La Mer Moisturizing Gel Cream sample
Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb
Marc Jacobs Lipstick mini
Bobbi Brown Face Touch up Kit and Travel mini Brush
Kate Spade Wallet
Snacks – Kind Bar and Nut snack packet
Pink Pouch – forever 21
Hard drive
Headphones – Apple
Camera Charger
Macbook Charger
iPhone Charger
Headphone splitter
Portable Charger
Advil and Pepto Bismol tablet