VMV Hypoallergenics Cosmetics Review*

About a month ago, I received a package in the mail containing quite a collection of makeup and skincare goodies from a brand called VMV Hypoallergenics. I had heard of this brand before because I have a family member who enjoys their products. This company was kind enough to reach out to me and send me some of their products to try out, so here’s a bit of background on the brand. According to their website, “VMV Hypoallergenics offers the safest most proven effective care on the planet”. This brand is the first of its kind and developed a scale to rate its hypoallergenicity. VMV Hypoallergenics sets a goal to avoid most if not all of the 76 most common allergens found in cosmetics. Their science based skincare and cosmetics has been backed by 75 clinical studies and are formulated by dermatologists. This brand’s creations are for men, women, and children, and are never tested on animals. “VMV Hypoallergenics stands behind a firm commitment to providing the most effective, and safest, products available.” With all that being said, this brand seems like a great company with a wonderful message. They cater to everyone, especially those with skin conditions that can prevent them from enjoying conventional cosmetics and skincare. I was very excited to play around with these products, so here are my thoughts.


Velvet Matte Lipsticks: I was pleasantly surprised by these lipsticks. I’m usually not a huge matte lipstick fan but the formula of these are much creamier than a typical matte. They have more of a velvet finish that applies a bit dry, but warms up on the lips and doesn’t accentuate fine lines. They are very pigmented and bold but not dry feeling at all. Although they are not super matte, they still provide long wearability and high pigmentation. The red lipstick, Light my Fire, is a warm tone red. The pink lipstick, Copa, is a true pink. It’s not too blue toned like a barbie pink and not too peachy, but sits right in the middle with more of a neutral tone.

Subtle Shine Lipsticks: This formula of lipsticks are much creamier than the matte version. They’re super easy to apply, go on like butter, and are very moisturizing. I received the shade Rosette which is brick-brownish red color that’s different from anything I own. This lipstick is super easy to throw on and go because it’s super comfortable to wear and the finish makes your lips look full, healthy, and glossy.

Lip gloss: I received the shade tango, which is a bold red. The formula is very pigmented, nicely glossy and smooth and easy to wear. It’s not sticky at all. Overall, I think this lipgloss is really lovely.


Tarte-à-Tan Bronzer: This is a warm toned bronzer that is a bit on the orange side, but I don’t mind. I actually think the warmness of this bronzer is nicely flattering on my skin. This bronzer has a bit of a shimmer which adds a nice glow to the complexion. It’s also bends nicely and is a good throw on and go bronzer.

Skin Bloom Blush: The blush formula is one of my favorites that I’ve tried in the collection so far. The formula is pigmented but is nicely bendable. I received Pant, a cool toned raspberry pink color with shimmer. I think it is a flattering blush shade and looks pretty paired with Cola lipstick. Bellini (not pictured) is a coral peach blush shade with shimmer that adds a subtle warm glow to the cheeks. This shade is very natural and I’ve really enjoyed using it in my everyday makeup routine. Luminous is a white shimmery cheek highlighter with the same formula as the blushes. It gives a natural glow but is not too intense. It’s a good highlighter for day to day wear, but I definitely recommend using a brush that can blend it out nicely.


Skin-The-Buff Correcting Concealers: I also received four of the the correcting concealers that each focus on a specific skin concern. The green shade called Red Alert is for targeting any redness in the complexion such as blemishes. This shade is creamy and bendable and dries down to a satin-matte finish when it sets in place. The yellow shade, No More Blues, conceals blue tones around the eyes and brightens under-eye darkness. The formula again is very creamy and dries down. The next two shades are two peachy nude shades for general concealing. The N1 shade is the lighter of the two and I’ve been using this under my eyes. It’s peachy tone does a good job of correcting as well as concealing my dark circles. It is very creamy which is nice and moisturizing under the eyes, but it doesn’t set up as well as the other concealers, so I’d fdefinitely set it with powder. It also doesn’t layer well over the other colors, but it is really nice on its own since it does give medium coverage. The N2 shade is the same as the N1 just a bit darker.



Two True Hues Eyeshadow Duo: This product is a eyeshadow duo that contains both a brown and purple shade. In addition, it comes with three petit eyeshadow brushes that you can use for application. The brown shade is bendable and a beautiful crease color. It’s not super pigmented, which I think works to its advantage as a blending shade. The purple is not as bendable as the brown and on the eyelid, it looks similar to it in tone because it isn’t very pigmented either. I would have liked the purple shade to be a bit more pigmented, but it again is a nice crease shade.


Skin tangible Foundation: This was the only product in the set that didn’t work for me. It’s a sheer coverage foundation with a gel-like formula. It’s moisturizing but neither glowy nor matte, and it feels like a velvet finish on the skin. I had the most success blending it in with my fingers, but on my skin it blended in rather splotchy. I do recommend applying the correcting concealers on top of this foundation because its application will move the concealers around. Although I’m not so sure about this product for me, I could see it working out for someone with sensitive skin, looking for a low coverage and moisturizing base.

Overall, I had such a blast checking out all of these products from VMV Hypoallergenics! If you suffer from sensitive skin and are looking for products that are safe and effective, I definitely recommend checking this brand out. At the moment I’m trying out some of the skincare goodies I received from them as well, so hopefully I can get that review up soon! Thanks so much for sticking with me to the end. I know this was a long one. If you’re interested in learning about this awesome brand, definitely take a look at their blog! It’s beautiful!


(Morning After Eyeshadow Duo in psyche and umberocious, Tarte-à-Tan Bronzer, Skin Bloom blushes in Luminous and Pant, Lip Gloss in Tango, Subtle Shine Lipsticks Rosette, Velvet Matte Lipsticks in Light my Fire and Copa)

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*these product were sent to me, but all of my opinions are my own. For more information on my outlook towards reviews and gifts from brands, check out my contact page.