Things that have been Inspiring Me!

Over the last few weeks there has been a number of things inspiring me. Whether it’s to motivate myself to be more active, creative, motivated, organized, etc., I love seeking out the things in my life that have helped my stay positive and working hard. I’ve learned that recognizing the things that have inspired me and motivated me helps me stay a happier and more positive person. I’ve always been someone who looks to the bright side, but as we all know, that can often be hard. And with winter finally coming to a close, my birthday around the corner, and spring break calling, I have realized that I have really relied on all that has inspired me recently to get me through the last month. It’s been a hard one. Whether its from midterms to relationship & friendship stress, I’ve needed more than a bubble bath to motivate myself and de-stress. And the energy spent doing creative things always makes me happier, so here’s everything that has been inspiring me recently.


I’ve always loved the idea of starting fresh. Being organized helps me do that. Looking at a space that’s clean, fresh, and tidy, helps me gather my thoughts, de-stress, and be more productive. I do a mini refresh session every Sunday when I plan. Planning helps me organize all my obligations and goals for the week and set all the residual stress from the previous week aside. Lately, I have been very inspired by the idea of a work space. I love the idea of a clean, tidy space that calms, inspires creative thought, and helps motivate and channel energy productively. I have been gathering ideas for remaking my creative work space for a few months now and here is everything I’ve come up with.

work space colloge 3work space colloge 1work space colloge 4

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I favorite themes in these spaces are white and clean, inspirational photos, mixed metals, and floral elements. I think these elements really complement each other. Pinterest-y photos help inspire me in the world of beauty and fashion and personal ones help remind me of everything I’ve experienced and accomplished in my past. Floral elements, like flowers, I find very calming, beautiful, and inspiring. White and clean spaces help me de-stress and start fresh with new ideas and creative projects. The theme of mixed metals reminds myself that I’m an individual and I express my creativity in a unique way. I hope these photos inspire you to discover your best creative work space.

Flat Lay Photos

You may be wondering what a flatlay photo is (check out the photos below for an idea), but they are simply photos taken from an “aerial” point of view, or from above. These photos are my favorite style of blog photos and have really been inspiring me to up my game in terms of my photo taking. I’m interested in playing with different textures in the background of my photos and incorporating different elements into the photos that add an unexpected by relevant touch. This style has been really motivating me to focus on details and make aesthetic changes to not only my photos, but my blog as a whole. I want to offer a more user-friendly experience and really cater to you all, as opposed to be only focused on writing about what I want and what I’ve been loving. I think these photos are absolutely beautiful and I hope to one day be taking flatlay photos as beautiful as these.

Inspiring Flatlays colloge

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My Blogger Inspiration: In The Frow

Lately, I have been making a bigger effort to be more involved in the blogging community. I have been searching for inspiration in many of my fellow bloggers and bloglovin’ has really helped me stay up-to-date with all my favorite bloggers. Over the last month I have especially been loving a blogger, Victoria who writes the blog In The Frow. Her content is wonderful and she is an incredible writer. I love following her through London Fashion Week and reading not only her beauty and fashion posts, but her life posts where she gives reflections and advice to her readers. She is absolutely beautiful and her incredible photos have inspired me to step up my game. In addition, you can follow her around the world, through out her travels which she documents on both her blog and Youtube channel. Overall, I highly recommend adding her to your list of to-read and to-watch because her kind and bubbly personality really makes me smile.

Inthefrow colloge 1 inthefrow colloge 2

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Well I hope you enjoyed this post and found something here that’s inspired you too!

  • This has really inspired me to do a blog post like this!!! Thank you!! Check my blog out too!

    • Grayson Frizzelle

      Thank you! Congrats on starting a blog! It looks great.