Summer Sweat-Proof Essentials

sweat proof makeup and beauty essentials for hot summer weather

I think that everyone can agree that with Summer comes some seriously hot weather. If you’re anywhere in the world close to me and my climate, the South East, you’ll know that the pairing of both the heat and humidity threatens to make your makeup slide right off your face. Fortunately, I do have a few tips and tricks for keeping your Summer makeup looks lasting all day long and preventing any shine and slipping.

My first tip has to start out in the peeping department with deodorant to reduce any Summer sweatiness. I know that this seems like a pretty obvious way to start off your sweat proof daily routine, but what makes The Healthy Deodorant spacial, is that it is 100% natural, with no parabens or aluminum. Both parabens and aluminum have a correlation with cancer, so personally I avoid the entire issue altogether and go natural with my deodorant. If you’re someone who’s a bit more on the smellier or sweatier side or who plays sports, this same brand also has one with sport protection to pack an extra punch.

Next on the prep list is a mattifying primer. I have oily skin, so mattifying is a must, but if you tend to get sweaty or if your makeup slides around during the day, I highly recommend trying out a mattifying primer to help keep everything in place and shine free. A favorite of mine is the L’Occitane Ultra Matte Fluid. What makes this product so great is that it’s a tint free formula that you can apply to your problem areas over any moisturizer. I’ll use this as a base to makeup or even without makeup such as mattifying an oily sunscreen formula. It does a great job of extending the life of your makeup and keeping everything shine free and in place.

My number one lifesaver when it comes to my makeup is always concealer, but in the Summer, I have to ask a little more from this wonder product. I love using the MAC Pro Longwear concealer in the Summer because it’s a waterproof formula. This concealer is perfect to apply all over my face wherever I need, blend out with a beauty blender sponge, set with a powder, and go! I can trust this concealer to not budge all day long even through a day at the beach.

Next on my list are powders. If you’re oily like myself, a blotting powder is a must to throw in you bag for touch-ups. I use the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot powder because it’s translucent and doesn’t move my makeup around when I apply it. I use either a brush or the little applicator it comes with to tap the powder along my T-zone and any other oily areas. It’s also great for controlling a bit of sweat. Another powder that’s amazing for Summer is a powdered sunscreen formulas. I’m a bit skincare obsessed and I always like making sure that my skin is protected from the sun. Unfortunately using a cream sunscreen on your face can really mess up your makeup, but it is important to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. I think that this powder sunscreen, Brush on Block, is the perfect solution. You can protect your skin with SPF and mattify any shinny spots at the same time without messing up your makeup. I take this product everywhere in the summer. I have one that lives in my purse and another that I throw in my beach bag.

The last product on my Sumer Sweat-Proof list is a facial mist. There is nothing worse than feeling hot, sticky, and sweaty on a Summer day, especially if you need your makeup to last. A facial spray is a great way to feel immediately refreshed. I love this Evian Facial Spray because it’s very cooling and has no harsh ingredients; it only contains water. It’s perfect to throw in your purse and freshen up your makeup throughout the day. Another good facial spray is the Mario Badescu facial Spray with Aloe, Herb and Rosewater.

I hope you enjoyed all my Summer Sweat-Proof Essentials! Let me know in the comments below if you have any Summer beauty loves that you can’t be without.

Summer sweat proof makeup and beauty essentials

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