Spring Nail Loves: Essie & Ciaté

Spring nail Polish Favorites

Spring is my favorite time of the year for a pop of color. Whether it’s on my lips, as seen in My Top 5 Spring Lipsticks, nails, or in my clothing, I love incorporating a bit of color as the weather gets warmer. My two favorite nail brands lately have been Essie and Ciaté. Each of these brands have wonderful light, but pigmented formulas that are easy to apply and last pretty well. I usually apply a nourishing base coat on my nails followed by two coats of my colored polish of choice and a top coat; I like Seiche Vite. During the Spring season, I definitely gravitate to warmer corals, light pinks, and creamy nudes, so I’ll share the few colors that have constantly been on my nails in the last month. I will list the polishes in order of the pictures below and provide links at the bottom of the page.

Ciaté Play Date: This is a bright coral shade that boarders on a warm tone orangey-red. Recently, it has by far been my most reached for bright nail color and I’m currently wearing it at as I’m writing this post. The tone is a sophisticated pop of color that gives a statement without being over the top. I see this perfect warm coral being a favorite of mine throughout Spring and Summer.

Ciaté Hoopla: This is a light warm pink shade with a peachy undertone. It’s definitely a staple Spring shade and is perfect for any pink loving girl. This polish reminds me of Easter and Spring flowers and although it’s not one of my most reached for polishes, I have loved wearing it this Spring.

Ciaté Amazing Gracie: This has been another favorite of mine for a while. I think that this shade is a perfect Winter to Spring transition shade, so I have been loving it since February. It’s a creamy white color with a nude-pink undertone that looks very subtle and beautiful on the nails. I love applying a good nude shade in preparation for a busy week because chips aren’t nearly as noticeable. I highly recommend this shade and I may have to pick up another one soon!

Essie Sunset Sneaks: This is one of my most recent nail polish purchases, another coral shade, which is no surprise. I love coral shades because they can take me from Spring through Summer. This shade has a more orange tone than Ciaté Play Date. So far, I have loved wearing this color on my toes.

Essie Mademoiselle: This is a classic Essie shade. The color is a warm cream shade with a slight peachy pink undertone, a tad bit warmer than Ciaté Amazing Gracie. It has light pigmentation which is perfect for when you are looking for a nude look, but are going for a polish that will be perfecting on the nails. I love this shade for an easy swipe on the go shade that goes with anything, but still makes your nails looks more polished than simply going natural.

Essie Peach Daiquiri: This is the last of my favorite nail polish shades for this Season. It’s been my go to color for Spring and Summer for years and I often find myself throwing this in my bag when I’m traveling during these seasons. The color is a coral shade, similar to Essie Sunset Sneaks and Ciaté Play date, but more of a bright pink. It applies really beautifully and looks equally as good on the feet and hands, so I find it a warm season staple. I highly recommend.

I hope you enjoyed checking out my top nail polishes for Spring. Many of these shades are good investments that can take you through Spring and Summer, so next time you see them in store, give them a look! More from me coming on Monday!

Spring nail Polish Favorites Ciate Spring nail Polish Favorites essie