Some of My Favorite Planner Layouts


Here is a more in-depth look at my organizing and planning system. Every Sunday, I will try to set out an hour of my day to get organized for the upcoming week. I go ahead and plan my main events of the week, like big assignments, birthdays, meetings, travel plans, social events, and even maybe my favorite TV shows. These events go into the vertical morning, day, and night columns. On the goals and notes column on the left side, I have been writing my reading assignments for some of my courses. In the future, I imagine using this section for my shopping lists and errands as well. I use the writing area at the bottom of the page, under each day, as an additional list making and meal planning area.

After writing down the majority of my tasks, I begin decorating to a theme. Usually my themes will coordinate with the colors of the planner’s monthly layout or the vibe of that particular month. Then I decorate with washi tape and stickers, most of which I make myself. I pull the majority of my images off Pinterest because they have such cute pictures and designs. Other times I get inspired by other avid planners on the internet, such as Belinda Selene. She inspired my Kate Spade theme on my May spread. While adding stickers, I try to make sure I have at least one box left over in each day to make a to do list or plan other daily events. One tip is to place your stickers where you want them to go before removing their backs and adhering them to the page. This way you can make sure your page looks just how you want it and not cluttered.

My planner is a little creative outlit of mine. I love planning and I feel so much more organized and prepared when I have everything I need to do and get done written down in front of me. I hope I’ve inspired you to be a bit more creative and fun with your planning!