Snowy Days in Whistler, Canada

Snowy Days in Whister full 1

To say that I have been craving chilling winter weather would be an enormous understatement. After spending the last two years living in Los Angeles, I haven’t been able to experience the south eastern winters I had grown to love. I mean we never really got snow, or at least nothing that stuck to the ground, but I definitely remember loving to get bundled up in cozy sweaters and scarves and fuzzy socks before venturing into the frigid outdoors. My longing for the chilly weather is the greatest leading up to the holiday season, but because it was unusually warm back home this year, I was never able to get the craving for the cold out of my system. So thankfully this spring break, as all my friends were heading to the sunny tropical beaches of the south, I hopped on a plane to Vancouver, Canada

It was pretty cold, really beautiful, but pretty cold. I have to admit those first steps outside the airport were a bit shocking; so much so that I began unpacking my suitcase on the sidewalk outside the airport to find some warmth in a snuggly coat. After jumping in the car with my family, we drove the beautifully scenic route winding through the mountains to Whistler. I definitely enjoyed my week of cooler weather. Here’s a quick glimpse of what I was wearing on a more overcast chilly day on the mountain. More on my trip to Canada coming soon!

Snowy Days in Whistler CloseupSnowy Days in Whister full 2


JACKET – Barbour

JEANS – Zara

SHOES – Steve Madden

BAG – Free People

SCARF – Zara

SWEATER – Urban Outfitters