Pretty in Pink


After coming back to LA to settle in before the school grind begins, I made a promise to myself, that I would make a greater effort to get out and experience this city and everything it has to offer. I truly need to take better advantage of the rest of the Summer to really explore. When thinking of LA, of course Beverly Hills, the film and music industries, and the Santa Monica beaches come to mind, but I want to get a bit more personal with this huge amazing city I live in. I want to learn about its secret places and beautiful sites that provide this city with the diversity it is famous for.

So in honor of this new mindset, a few days ago, a friend and I decided to venture into West Hollywood to see the iconic Paul Smith Wall. While driving down Melrose, we could spot this wall from blocks down the street. It truly is huge and really very pink. Taking photos in front of this massive hot pink wall was actually very exciting. Although intimidating at first, because of its vast pinkness and the many other individuals snapping shots, shooting here was a blast. The background itself was such a statement and it made you feel kind of fancy and very LA, which was a nice treat.

After snapping a few snots, we took a few moments to enjoy the sunset and walk down this famous street. Some window shopping later and maybe a bit of shoe buying, we explored a bit of West Hollywood by car, before heading back. Overall, I really enjoyed Melrose and the West Hollywood area and will definitely pay another visit soon.



DRESS: Free People

BRALETTE: Free People

SHOES: Freeboard by Steve Madden

NAILS: Clambake

LIPS: Sephora Rouge Infusion in Peony

  • Naki

    This is just a suggestion, but do you mind making a fitness/nutrition post sometime? Your figure is just too perfect!