Polishes Worth Falling For: My Autumn Favorites


If you don’t know already, Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the refreshing change in weather and wardrobe that accompanies this snuggly season. The colors of Autumn have to be why I am drawn to this season; I love deep rich warm shades like maroons, burnt oranges, and metallic coppers, but I also love dark olivey greens, deep blues, greys, and camel tones. Fall is pretty much my wardrobe heaven. So here are my favorite nail trends for the season along with some well worn favorites.

On the trendy side of things, I have been enjoying colors like Recessionista by Essie. This burgundy trend has been popular for a few years now and I don’t see it fading anytime soon. This is one of my favorite colors (I’m currently wearing it now) that has been a staple in my Fall wardrobe for years. What I really love about this trendy color is that it is also very sophisticated. I feel comfortable rocking this out at night or in the office. It has a subtle way of attracting attention and I often match my lipstick shade with it for a fun pop of color. A more subtle fashion trend that I have been enjoying is the camel color. I have been incorporating this color in my wardrobe everywhere from jackets, to shoes, to nails. My favorite shade is a lighter camel, Butter London’s Shandy. This more nude shade truly goes with everything and is such an easy wear. Another trend this Autumn is the bright royal blue, my favorite is Blue Velvet by Urban Outfitters. This color is a more fun and bright trend to wear this season, but I still feel that it goes with about anything.

I love wearing grey and taupe in Fall. I think these colors are sophisticated, but a little edgy. My favorite taupe shade is Essie’s Don’t Sweater It. This is a creamy taupe shade with a dusty purple undertone. It’s effortless to wear, but still fun. Additionally, Storm by Urban Outfitters is another favorite of mine. This charcoal grey is almost black, but significantly less harsh. Because of this, I think that it can be worn with everything and is a fun base for nail art.

My one shade that screams Autumn more than anything else I have is Essie’s Very Structured. This shade is a burnt orange color. I love it because it’s subtle but different and it reminds me of pumpkins. Essie’s Imported Champagne is another fun shade. This is my go to shade for formal events because it’s classic and neutral, and chips hardly show.  This is a warm, creamy white shade with a pearlescent finish. It makes me think of melting marshmallows and warm fires and can totally be warn from Fall through Spring. My last Autumn favorite is super fun. Essie’s Penny Talk is a bright, metallic copper. This color has a pink, warm undertone, so it’s almost a cross between copper and rose gold. I love this shade for an edgy metallic look with a Autumn twist. But beware, make sure you use a top coat, otherwise this polish can be prone to chipping.

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(Essie Imported Champagne, Butter London Shandy, Essie Very Structured, Essie Penny Talk, Essie Recessionista, Essie Don’t Sweater It, Urban Outfitters Storm, Urban Outfitters Blue Velvet)

If you every have trouble finding these shades or any other nail polish shades (especially Essie), Amazon is my favorite place to look. I hope you enjoyed this and are inspired to play with some of these Fall nail trends.