Plan with Me: October and Halloween


This is my Erin Condren Life Planner and I truly love it because it helps me stay on top of everything going on in my life. In this little book, I organize my school work, sorority, internship/job, social life, travel, blog, and finances. So, pretty much anything important that I have to remember, goes in this little book. By keeping track of my life this way and having everything I need to know for the upcoming week written down, I feel much more productive and motivated. Additionally, turning planning into an impromptu, creative, crafting session is a lot of fun for me and helps me destress. So, here are my tips and tricks for how I plan.


This is what my planner looks like when turned to an new week. I place sticky notes throughout my panner for random reminders and important events from my monthly view that I cannot forget to include in my planning. I usually just cut up some standard little sticky notes or use paper page flags.


This is how I start off. Firstly, I pick a theme. I love Halloween and being October, I couldn’t resisted decorating to this Gold & Halloween theme. I picked up some fun $1 sticker books at Michael’s craft store and let these fun childish stickers inspire me. Next, I like to start off with writing down all my school work for the week. I use some washi tape that I found at Michael’s to label each class and write the assignments under the label. I write on washi tape and stickers with a sharpie, but use a Pilot precise V5 pen for everything else. After writing down my assignments, I will use page flags to note my class schedule for the week. I secure these page flags with Elmers Craft Bond double sided adhesive.


Next, I split up my homework assignments and write them in the Daily Dos section under each day. By sorting and splitting up my assignments, I find them much more manageable. I finish writing down the rest of my important to dos on stickers, page flags, and washi. All my washi tape is from Michael’s along with The Happy Planner gold stickers. The wordpress/blog post and green heart checklist stickers are from a Etsy store called Hello Ashley Ann. This next part is a bit more fun, because you can start to get more decorative and with the stickers and watch your theme start to come together.


My favorite part of decorating my planner is using the fun themed stickers. I tend to go a bit overboard on these stickers, but they are so cute I don’t care. Every time I see them, they make me smile. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into my Erin Condren Planner. Planning has made me so much more productive and it’s a lot of fun too. Here are some pictures from my spread last week, another Halloween theme.


Thank you for reading!