Parisian Dreams


Paris best 3-21-15Paris has been a dream. I’ve only been here for less then twenty-four hours but I already feel like I’m living in a dream world of croissants and hot chocolate. After tossing and turning a bit throughout the night, I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed in the late morning. With a breakfast of a pain au chocolate aux almonds and a cup of tea, my close friend, Kells, and I took off to conquer Paris on foot. Because she has been living here in Paris for seven months, Kells was considerably more prepared of this journey than I was. Starting in the 11eme arrondissement we trekked over the Ponte de l’Archevêché through the Mairie. Approaching the river, we could see the Notre Dame Cathedral and soon after we passed the Louvre. I hope to visit both those beautiful monuments at least once during this trip. Afterwards, we headed towards the Eiffel Tower to do my tourist duty. I truly love the Eiffel Tower. I love how it dominates the Parisian skyline and acts as a compass to all of those who get lost on the many windy and unfamiliar streets. We finished this epic three hour journey at the metro by Palais de Tokyo and headed back to the 11eme. Because it’s late March, Paris is a bit chilly; the temperature hovers around the forties and occasionally reaches into the fifties during the early afternoon. Today was one of the colder days of the upcoming week, so I chose a cozy warmer outfit to fit our active afternoon. I paired a pair of black pants and flat boots together for comfortable walking attire with a small patent leather purse since I didn’t need to carry much other than my wristlet and camera. With this, I wore a beautiful sweater from the Sloane Society that I picked up in LA a few weeks ago from a store called LF. It’s made of a wide-knit material with a scoop neck and it drops down in the back, so that you can wear it with leggings. I love this sweater because it has the perfect amount of soft coziness and warmth for this weather.


SWEATER: The Sloane Society


BOOTS: Steve Madden

BAG: Marc by Marc Jacobs

LIPSTICK: Nars Cruella