Packing for a Cold Weather Trip in a Carry-on Bag

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Hey everyone! So here’s my last travel tips video in this recent mini-series (no worries, I’m sure I’ll post more travel tips in the future). If you haven’t checked out my previous posts and videos, here are their links: What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag, What’s in my Travel Toiletries Bag, and What in my Carry-on Bag. So definitely check those out if you’re looking for more tips and tricks for traveling.

When it comes to packing, I’m all about thinking and preparing ahead of time. I like being organized and prepared for any trip I take so that I don’t forget any essential things I may need and that I feel prepared and relaxed for traveling in general. To me, there’s nothing worse than frantically throwing things into a suitcase and running out the door just to realize you’ve forgotten something important. The first thing I do is make a list of everything I need. I start this list off by checking the weather of my destination and selecting outfits according to the weather and the activities I’ll be doing. I also like to pack clothing items that can be interchanged and rearranged to create many different outfits with just a few items. A perfect example of this is black jeans. Unless you’re going somewhere hot, a pair of black jeans can go with everything and is perfect to dress up and down with different shirts and shoes. This adds a little bit a variety to your outfits, but also allows you to pack lighter.

Also, in terms of clothes, I like to pack outfits that are tried, true, and loved. For the cold, I’ll pack a few sweaters and some undershirts so that I can dress to a range of temperatures by layering. I also love packing cotton leggings because they are warm, light and easy to pack, and comfortable. Leggings are also perfect to layer with sweaters and boots and can be used in multiple outfits. For pajamas, I like to again pack for the temperature of my destination and also for comfort. I bring a pair that packs lightly and is super comfortable. I like to bring at least one outfit of lounge clothes for just hanging out and relaxing. I’ll also bring a set of gym clothes if I’m planning on working out or doing any outdoor activities. In terms of shoes, I like to bring one black pair and one brown pair in different styles like a pair of tall black boots and brown booties. This way your shoes will always match your outfit and are different to add some variety to your looks. If you plan on going out somewhere nice, you can throw in a pair of heels or just pick a pair of black booties over the brown because they are easier to dress up. Lastly, don’t forget the essentials like underwear, bras, socks, a hairbrush, toiletries, and any tech stuff you’re not packing in your small, personal carry-on bag.

For everything I brought on my trip and to see how I organized and packed it all, watch my video below.