On My Own



Today was an absolutely stunningly beautiful day in Paris. Because my usual travel companion, Kells was taking classes for the majority of the afternoon at a local university, I was able to get out and explore a bit on my own for the first time this trip. Before her classes commenced, Kells and I were able to grab a quick bite to eat at a charming falafel restaurant in the 5eme arrondissement.  The food was delicious and the service was excellent; we will definitely be stoping by again in the near future. As it turns out, the place across the street was a particular falafel restaurant famous for their middle eastern cuisine, but I have to admit the atmosphere of our little falafelria was much more inviting.




I spent the majority of my afternoon reading in the beautiful park behind the Notre Dame, watching the many people, tourists and Parisians, sauntering about, and enjoying the sunshine.  I took a leisurely lap around the Notre Dame, but didn’t go inside because I have been before and the crowds of tourists were only building by that time in the afternoon.  Afterwards, I strolled up Rue de Rivoli and did some window shopping that finished with an inevitable stop in a pharmacy so that I could pick up some french products I have been curious about. I met back up with Kells around six and we walked back to the 11eme arrondissement to settle in for the night and make dinner.




JACKET: Abercrombie

SHOES: Steve Madden

WATCH: Michael Kors