Nude Lip Combo I’ve Been Loving & How to Pick the Right Nude


For the longest time I struggled with nudes. I felt like they didn’t suit me and just looked a bit weird. I’ve found a few key nudes over the years that I’ve fallen in love with, but picking out these shades still doesn’t come easy to me.  I used to think that in order for a shade to fall under the nude category, it had to be really close to your skin color. But lets be real, that just gives most people (unless you’re Kim K) pale dead zombie lips. It took me a while before I started looking at the color of my lips, not my skin color, to find my best nudey shades. Once I determined my skin’s undertone and the color of my lips, a dark mauvey-pink color, I could better understand what I was looking for in a nude lipstick.

Firstly, I know that If I’m looking for a nude lip stick, the formula is the most important aspect for me. Because I have darker lips, I really need a sheer formula to mute the color of my lips without looking pastey or like I slathered concealer on my lips. If you already have pretty nude lips, then you have more flexibility with your formulas. The only way that I can wear a thicker formula, such as a liquid lipstick, is if I go for a nude on the darker side. If I choose a darker nude, then the demarkation line on the inside of my lips where my lipstick ends does not stand out.

Secondly, I understand that the undertone of my skin is an important factor when picking out a nude lip shade. I am pretty lucky that I have rather neutral undertones (I definitely lean towards the warmer side), so I have a lot of options when it comes to nude shades. If you don’t know what skin undertone you have, check the veins on your wrist. If they are blue, you have a cool undertones. If they appear green, you have warm undertones. If you have both, or you’re not quite sure, you’re probably neutral like me. If you’re still unclear, ladies at your local beauty store, like Sephora, can definitely help you out with that. So skin undertones matter when picking out nudes because if your skin tone and your lipstick undertone clash then your nudes can look a bit weird or off. I’ve always wanted to rock a cool toned baby pink lip, but honestly it just doesn’t suit me because of my warmer skin. Now I’ve learned to embrace more brown or mauve shades because they look more natural on me. Here are some good examples of colors that will look great on cool, warm, & olive skin tones.

Cool skin tone: berry shades and pinks; if you have darker skin go for deep burgundies (Nars Red Current), reds (Nars Rita), plums (Mac Syrup), rosey pinks, and mauves

Warm skin tone: caramel, warm beiges and corals (Revlon Coral Berry); don’t go too brown and muddy; if you have darker skin go for coffee colors, an orange-red (Nars Red Square) or any shade with a golden undertones, or creamy light baby pinks, and beiges.

Olive skin tone: go for something darker than your skin like a creamy pink (Mac Creme Cup), soft beige, peach, or coral (Revlon Coral Berry)

My best advice when it comes to picking an amazing nudes is simply to go to the store and try some on. Department stores, like Nordstrom, and makeup stores, such as Ulta and Sephora, have great customer service and will help you select your perfect nude. Just keep in mind that you may want to try the colors on by a window so that you can see them in flattering natural light.

My current favorite nude look has been the lip combo of Mac Boldly Bare lip pencil and Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 03 Nude Shimmer. This is a perfect duo because the lip pencil gives long wearing color and the Clarins gloss gives a beautiful glossy full lipped look. The Clarins gloss is very moisturizing and smooth and not sticky, which I love. The Mac lip pencils are my favorite formula because they are the perfect hybrid between comfortably creamy and dry enough to be long wearing. I definitely recommend checking both of these products out! I’ve been loving the pinky-browny nude look recently for an understated but still gorgeous look for Summer!


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