New Finds: Paul & Joe


I intentionally left this little gem out of my Canadian Beauty Haul from last week because I thought it deserved its own post. I picked this lipstick up from one of the many Canadian beauty stores I ventured into on my trip to Vancouver. I love the layout of the Canadian beauty stores! Upon entering, you walk through all the beautiful high end makeup counters with gorgeous products lining the shelves. Luxury brands like Lancome, Chanel, and Smashbox line the front of the store, but as you walk towards the back, you enter the drugstore. It’s like the best of both worlds and I couldn’t get enough of it! I wish we had stores like that in the US. Of course while roaming about in the luxury apartment, I ran across the brand Paul & Joe, a French brand I had never heard about with absolutely adorable packaging.

If you’re a beauty lover like me, you can understand how much packaging can suck you in. Whether it is classic and elegant or different and daring, packaging can often be the first interaction you have with a product, so getting it right is essential. Different types of packaging can capture different types of customers, so as a brand, identifying your customers and aiming your aesthetic to capture their attention is perfect for brand promotion. Paul & Joe does an incredible job of customizing their packaging in order to attract different customers, which I thought was very innovative and creative.

For both lipsticks, blush, and eyeshadows, Paul & Joe creates unique and limited edition cases to store their products in. When purchasing one of these customizable products, you can either choose their classic compact, with cute pink and white packaging, or one of their limited edition beautiful print options as I did. On their online website, they describe this system as “custom match your mood to suit your style with a selection of limited P & J fashion print compacts that are as unique and individual as you!.” It seams that these limited edition cases change up pretty often, so if you see one that you like, I recommend trying to get your hands on it pretty quickly. All their lipsticks and eyeshadows are sold in refill tubes as well, so that you get the option every time you purchase, to pick up one of their unique cases. I really love this concept of designing your own makeup wardrobe and I’m very intrigued with the brand and hope to try out some more products from their range soon.

In terms of the lipstick formula itself, I’ve been very pleased. I picked out a dark browny-nude color (#214) which is very wearable and flattering. It’s a perfect shade when you’re looking for a nude shade that packs a bit more of a punch which are my favorite day-to-day colors. This finish is glossy and moisturizing. It’s very comfortable to wear and not to opaque, so it would be easy to slap on on the go. Because it’s a creamier glossy formula, the wearability isn’t too long, but it’s so comfortable to wear that I honestly don’t mind throwing on another coat.

If you’re interested in creating your own customizable and personalized makeup wardrobe, go check out Paul & Joe’s website here!