Navigating Natural Skincare & Some Products I’ve Been Loving

Navigating Natural Skincare

I have a philosophy that what you put in to your body is a real reflection of your health. Whether that is how you look, feel, or function, making sure your body gets the key essentials it needs is vital. For a few years now, I’ve extended this philosophy to my skincare regime. Over the years, I’ve begun swapping out more and more of my standard skincare products for more natural options. At this moment in time, my skincare routine is not all natural, nor do I necessarily aim for it to be. I simply enjoy experimenting with and choosing natural products that work with my skin and make a true impact.

Why Choose Natural Skincare?

There are so many reasons why to choose natural skincare over non-natural products floating around on the internet. I selected, what in my mind are, some the most important and scientifically supported arguments for going natural.

  1. There is No Regulation of Chemicals in Skincare Products. I know, this is scary stuff! Many brands hide chemicals behind the fragrance label because the FDA doesn’t make companies disclose what ingredients are in fragrances.
  2. Everything You Put on Your Skin Is Absorbed into Your Body. This means that all those harsh chemicals (or lovely healthy ingredients) can be absorbed into your bloodstream and transported throughout your body. Some can even affect your hormones! How much actually reaches your bloodstream is debated, but why risk burdening your body with chemicals?
  3. Some of These Chemicals Can Cause Cancer. There are a few dangerous ingredients in skincare products, such as parabens, formaldehyde, and petroleum, that can lead to cancer.
  4. Chemicals Can Actually Age the Skin. Isn’t aging what we’re all desperately trying to avoid? Many chemicals can be harsh irritants for the skin which actually cause more damage than benefits. Why use products that will reduce the health and appearance of your skin ultimately leading to aging?
  5. Natural Skincare Products often Contain More Beneficial Ingredients. You know those game-changing, super ingredients that many skincare brands claim will transform your skin? Natural skincare products often contain much higher quantities of those same beneficial ingredients than non-natural brands. With natural skincare you’re getting more of the good stuff without the chemicals.

I know, all this information can be a bit intimidating. But how does the average person, not educated in the complexities of skincare, navigate this world of misleading claims and convincing advertisements.

Navigating Natural Skincare

My Strategy

As you may have noticed, not all of my skincare favorites are all-natural. I choose to purchase and incorporate a few natural bits here and there to supplement my routine. Over the years, the amount of natural skincare in my collection has grown substantially, but so has my interest in discovering more about how my skin functions and what it needs. Through this, I’ve learned that there are many beneficial ingredients out there that your skin loves, not all of which are natural.

Currently, I have been loving The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil as a natural moisturizing night treatment. I also have been religiously using the Pixi Glow Tonic every morning, which does include botanicals and other beneficial ingredients, but does not claim to be natural. The Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 30 is another example of this by having a slogan, active naturals, but not claiming to be all-natural. This guy has been my perfect throw-on-and-go morning moisturizer for years because it goes above and beyond by protecting my skin with SPF. On a more natural note, I’m an avid user of Juice Beauty products which is an organic skincare line. I’ve used their antioxidant serum for years, but recently fell in love with the Juice Beauty Antioxidant Moisturizer. These two are a match made in heaven.

Overall, I’d say my strategy is to incorporate as many natural skincare products as I can and want. I tend to gravitate to more natural brands, but I also don’t hesitate to try anything that catches my eye. I love skincare! It’s fun to experiment with and see results, so whether that’s through using all natural products or anything that strikes your fancy, it’s all up to you.

My Current Loves

Navigating Natural Skincare: Why Choose Natural?
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