Natural Beauty | How Going Natural Transformed My Skin

Natural Beauty | How Going Natural Transformed My Skin | A La Gray Suki, caudalie, glo minerals

I used to be that girl who looked never looked twice at natural beauty products. That foundation is full coverage. Yeah right. That mascara gives a false lash look. I don’t know about that… That skincare line will solve all my skin problems. Sure…

After struggling with acne this past Spring and Summer, I finally decided I needed a skin intervention. Step one of this intervention was to go to the dermatologist. Step two, get a facial. It’s always nice to start with a clean slate. Naturally, the facial ended with me walking out the door with a number of natural beauty products. Although I was a bit skeptical, at this point, I was willing to give anything a go.

Although my routine at the moment is far from being entirely all natural, the few products I’ve incorporated have made all the difference in the world for my skin. My complexion has transformed from spotted, splotchy, and dehydrated to even-toned, clear, and glowing.

Natural Beauty | How Going Natural Transformed My Skin | A La Gray Suki, caudalie, glo minerals

The Natural Beauty Products that Transformed my Skin

Suki Active Daily Radiance Concentrated Clarifying Toner | This product has done wonders to help keep my skin balanced. It fights congestion and blemishes with salicylic acid. Rose water hydrates, tones and balances keeping your skin radiant and even-toned. Lastly, Vitamin C brightens and fights signs of aging.

I spritz this over my entire face, morning and night, focusing on the t-zone where I experience the most congestion. If feels refreshing and hydrating on the skin, prepping it for the rest of my skincare routine. I love the way it makes my skin look radiant and glowing.

Caudalie Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Oil | I use this facial oil to help fight congestion and breakouts in my t-zone and on my cheeks. Grapeseed oil helps hydrate and transport benefits deep into the skin. Carrot seed oil, lavender, and white sandalwood help detoxify by clearing up congestion, helping increase cellular turnover, and balancing oil production.

This facial oil has really impressed me. It shrinks the size of my pores, fights congestion and blackheads, and will reduce the size and redness of a blemish significantly. If my skin is breaking out, I’ll apply this to the affected areas at night (I limit my use to twice a week) and wake up with radiant, clear skin. It’s intense formula zaps all my zits and helps keep my skin acne free. I’m obsessed.

* Do note this brand is not 100% all natural.

Suki Balancing Facial Oil | I’ve been using this facial oil morning and night to keep my skin hydrated and balanced this winter. Jojoba seed oil matches our skin’s sebum, balancing its oil production. Its combination with hazelnut and borage seed oil also hydrates and repairs your skin’s moisture barrier. Calming extracts such as lavender, chamomile, and rose hip help soothe stressed, red, and acne-prone skin.

While using this oil, my skin has been firm, hydrated, and radiant. My tone is even and my oil production has reduced. Whenever I forget to use this facial oil, I can definitely see the difference, as my skin will look dull, dry, and red. It’s an essential in my winter skincare routine.

Glo Skin Beauty Pressed Powder Foundation | This lightweight pressed-powder mineral foundation has been my go-to recently for my everyday makeup. It has great coverage, blurs imperfections, and is lightweight, so your skin does not feel smothered under layers of makeup. It has done wonders for reducing my skin’s congestion because it doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts like many mainstream foundations can. Being a powder, it helps reduce shine and oiliness. Plus, its contains Vitamin C and green tea to protect your skin from sun related damage.

I like to apply this with a fluffy powder brush all over my face. For areas where I need more coverage, I’ll use a more dense brush. My trick for powder foundations, especially in the winter or for those with drier skin types, I always finish off my makeup by setting my face with a facial spray or water. This gives your skin a boost of hydration and keeps your complexion from looking powdery or cakey. I’ve been recently loving the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

In this foundation, I wear the shade golden medium.

Hopefully this post helped you realize the potential natural beauty can have for your skin. I’ve been truly amazed at the results I’ve seen over the last few months and couldn’t be happier with the way my skin looks at the moment. I imagine these products will be by my side for quite a while.

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