My Makeup Organizing Inspiration

With the new year and new resolutions, I always feel inspired to get everything in my life together and organized. I usually start with my eating and gym habits because those are the things that usually need the biggest overload by the time January swings around. Then I usually attack the things in my life that need organization…that’s where makeup comes in. So when I finally opened my eyes to the chaos happening in my makeup collection, I realized that an intervention was needed…asap! Thanks to some diligent searching on pinterest, here’s some of my inspiration that will hopefully motivate me to get started and maybe encourage you to re-vamp your makeup storage.

The first thing that has inspired me is acrylic counter top drawers…I don’t really know what to call these exactly but I really like them. They seam like a really good option for anyone who doesn’t have drawer space. It’s also really easy to see everything you have because the drawers are clear.


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This one is cool because of how they stored their brushes in old candle jars.


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Here’s another one with more storage on top.


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I like this one probably because they have it so beautifully organized. Also, the lipstick container is really cool.


A pretty tray is another way to display your favorite products. I’d probably display my most used and favorite glamorous products to remind myself to use them.

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I think displaying makeup brushes in chic containers on my vanity is really pretty.


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If you’re not so into the girly vibe, these reused candle containers are really sophisticated and edgy looking.


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I like to display my perfume so that I remember to use it. I think that this cake tier is a really pretty way organize them.


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You can also use a spice rack to display your perfumes. You could even mount this on your wall for added space.


How to Organize Your Beauty Products Like a Pro

For a nail polish collection as big as mine, organization is necessary. I think that displaying them in a clear container is perfect so that you can see all the colors. Also, if you use a nice glass box like this one, it’s pretty on your counter top.


How to Organize Your Beauty Products Like a Pro

Thank you and I hope you get as inspired as I did to reorganize your makeup stash.