My Mac Lipstick Collection

Mac is one of those cult classic makeup brands. There color selection is vast and their quality is amazing. Mac is a brand that caters to everyone, those adventurous with color and those who’ve perfected their neutral style, the mature and the young, the masters and the beginners. I have to say that I’ve been collecting Mac lipsticks for years, along with many of their other products. They have some of my favorite colors and formulas that are reliable, classic, and effortless to wear. I find myself coming back to this brand again and again to find new loves and rediscover old favorites. Since I picked up my first Mac lipstick, it seems that my collection has been ever growing. I now am the proud owner of 10 Mac lipsticks. In honor of my recent 10th Mac lipstick purchase, I thought I’d put together this Mac Lipstick Collection video to show each lipstick individually and give a quick description, review, and swatch.

The colors I own, starting with my favorites, are: Syrup, Twig, I love Winter (similar: faux), Private Party, Shanghai Spice, Quite the Thing, Rebel, Phosphorescent, Peach Blossom, Snob

Check out the classic Mac Lipstick here and their Sheen Supreme formula here (similar)!

Mac lipsticks really are one of my favorite formulas and I definitely recommend checking them out. Plus they aren’t too pricey and retail for $17 each.


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