My Hair Washing Routine and a Brief Hair History

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Hey guys! So today I thought I’d give you all a quick glimpse into my hair washing routine and everything I do to keep my hair healthy and beautiful in the shower. To be honest, I’m kind of a lazy girl when it comes to hair. I look at hair washing as a total chore and I try to push it off as much as possible. Thanks to my saving grace, dry shampoo, this hasn’t been too difficult. So with the encouragement of my hairdresser and my lazy self, I’ve progressed to washing my hair twice a week: Tuesday and Saturday. At first I imagined this to be a pretty difficult transition since I have a pretty oily scalp, but I wasn’t as hard as I imagined. A little dry shampoo does wonders, but I’ll leave my complete blowout extending routing for another post. Soon enough, you’re scalp and oil production gets used to your new washing schedule. When I used to wash my hair every other day, I would get oily half a day after I washed it, but now my hair will last until day three without a touch of dry shampoo.

First I’ll give you a brief history of my hair. I’d never processed or colored my hair at all until I was 18, when I got an ombre. Being a blonde this bleaching process wasn’t too intense or damaging to my hair since I was only lifting the ends of my hair a few shades, but this chemical processing in combination with moving to the dry climate of Southern California did force me to change up my hair routine. I had to change up my collection of oil control and voluming products and mix in a few more hydrating formulas to help keep my hair in tip top shape. I finally feel like I’ve mastered my hair washing routine, so here’s everything I use.

(1) Prep: The first step in my routine may seem a little basic, but I always brush my hair before getting into the shower. I’ve noticed that doing this prevents any breakage caused by tangling hair while shampooing. It also helps me assess the condition of my hair and decide if I need to use any treatment products.

(2) Shampoo: My next step is obviously shampooing. I alternate between two different shampoos that both achieve different results. One shampoo is the Lush Big shampoo; this shampoo is formulated with sea salt and citrus for breaking down and clarifying the scalp. I like this trait because it helps get rid of all the buildup and gunk around my roots from using products such as mouse and dry shampoo. These ingredients also add a lot of shine and volume to the hair which my flat straight hair greatly appreciates. It also has coconut oil for moisture. I enjoy using Lush products because they use all natural ingredients which is always a huge plus. The next shampoo I use is Rusk Sensories purify, this is another cleansing shampoo, but I find this one much more gentle than the Lush one. I use this as a more gentle volumizing shampoo that is still effective at breaking down buildup without stripping the hair. I’ve used Rusk products for years and I really enjoy them.

Some other things to keep in mind when washing your hair is too make sure your water isn’t too hot. I wash my hair in luke warm water because I’ve noticed that it keeps my ends from drying out and it doesn’t irritate my scalp as much. I also refrain from using any products that contain sulfates or parabens.

(3) Condition: Moving on to conditioning, similarly to my shampoo duo, I use two different conditioners: a deep conditioner and a standard moisturizing conditioner. My deep conditioner is the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I use this in combination with the Lush Big shampoo because I think they make a really great pair. The Lush shampoo thoroughly cleanses and clarifies my hair and the deep conditioner helps moisturize and repair any damage that my hair has endured during the week. Because of the dry weather here in California, I find using a deep conditioner a necessity for keeping the lengths and ends of my hair healthy and moisturized. I leave this in my hair for at least 7 minutes while I do other shower things. The other conditioner I use is the Macadamia Moisturizing Rinse. As you can see I really like Macadamia’s conditioning products. I think this brand does a good job of delivering high moisture to the hair using healthy and nourishing oils. I pair this product with the Rusk shampoo because again they make a good pair for gentle cleansing and conditioning.

(4) Protect: The last step in my hair washing routine takes place after the shower. Once my hair is towel dried, I like to apply a moisturizing oil to the ends of my hair to prevent breakage and split ends. My hair is prone to split ends, so using an oil on the lengths and ends of my hair is essential for keeping my hair healthy. I have been using the Kérastase Elixir Ultime the Imperial oil which is not only nourishing, but it increases shine and provides UV protection to keep hair color bright and vibrant. This is both a pre and post styling oil, but I prefer to use it on my ends before I brush through my towel dried hair. After applying this oil, I brush through my hair and either leave it to air-dry or blow dry it.  I enjoy using this oil because it’s lightweight and doesn’t weigh my straight hair down even more, but it still packs quite a punch in the moisture department.

What’s your favorite hair product in your hair washing routine?

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