My Go-To French Braid (Video!)

Braiding is definitely one of my favorite ways to style my hair. I think that it’s such a simple, easy, and elegant style that’s incredibly versatile. I wear my hair braided easily three times a week, usually in the go to style I have depicted above. It’s my go-to hairstyle on third or fourth day hair when all the grease and dry shampoo has made my hair less manageable when wearing it down but much easier to style in other ways. I think that using your hair’s natural dirty texture is the best ingredient to creating a perfect braid. I also often use products to add a bit of extra texture and grip. This is essential for me if I’m braiding with clean hair or if my hair just needs a bit more grittiness. One of my go-to products for texture is the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray because it’s easy to use and provides a little hold for the style. This grit, whether natural or added, firstly helps hold my braid together and last all day. Secondly, it helps me manipulate the braid a little more by pulling at it to gain extra volume and thickness (this technique can be seen in the video above). I also like to use a nourishing hair oil on the ends of my hair to keep it from drying out from the salt spray. If you want to see how to recreate this hairstyle, check out my video above for all my tips and tricks.


Davines Beautifying oil
Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray