My Favorite Posts from 2016

2016 was quite a year! I’d say that at the moment on social media, it is receiving a bit more hate than love, but I guess that’s understandable given all the enormous social and political changes and movements happening around the world. Being a fairly positive and optimistic person, I think I’d rather evaluate 2016 through all my amazing experiences, especially since one of my blog goals is to make this a welcoming space for beauty lovers to share their appreciation for all things makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and more. I have to say that one of the most exciting aspects of my year has been being able to watch the development of my blog as both it and myself has grown over these last twelve months. I’ve made many goals throughout this year to improve my content, whether that’s through taking better photos, writing more informative blog posts, or really making a connection to my readers and understanding what exactly they are looking for.

In this mini blog life assessment, I began reading over some of my previous posts so that I can take time to appreciate my work. It’s easy to get down on yourself sometimes and I often find it hard to congratulate myself on what I have accomplished before I jump into setting a new goal or expectation for myself to strive after. Taking a moment to go back and look at the content that I have created has been really inspiring. It has made me more eager to improve my posts while having a positive outlook. I want to treat my blog this year as yes, a creative outlet, but also a place where I can strive to meet my own personal standards without letting the many beautiful and innovative creations of this industry discourage me. I need to stop telling myself what I can’t do and focus more on what I can create, learn, and discover.

The beauty world is an amazing place of artistic inspiration and it is a goal of mine this year to only let the blogging world inspire me and not discourage me.

With that little heart to heart, here’s my top favorite posts from the last year. I chose these particular posts because I was proud of the content I produced. Whether it be photography, writing, or a simply a post that brings back a happy memory, here are the posts of 2016 I am most proud of.

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