Lush Haul & Review


Lush has been a favorite brand of mine for a few years now. It first started when I discovered their shampoo bars and bath bombs, both of these products continue to consistently rotate through by beauty routine. So after trying such incredible products supporting such amazing causes like fighting animal testing, promoting ethical buying, and producing 100% vegetarian products, I was sucked in. So for a few years now I have been giving a few things a try, here and there, and have discovered some true favorites.

Yes, I do still love the shampoo bars and bath bombs, but these are the products that have been consistently used in my beauty routine lately. Firstly, I have the Mask of Magnaminty. I have been using this mask for about a year and a half and I absolutely love it. It’s my go-to pore de-clogger, acne cure, and overall bad-skin-day quick fix. Weekly, I slather this mask all over my face and relax for 15-30 minutes. This mask has a minty fresh feel on the face, without being too tingly. You can almost feel it doing its magic on your skin. I also love using this mask as a spot treatment for blemishes, especially that horrible cystic, under-the-skin, acne that always tends to pop up during that time of the month for me. It’s also super soothing and calming, so it reduces my redness and any general skin irritation. I highly recommend this mask for all skin types because who doesn’t need a last minute skin overhaul every once in a while.

My next product I have been loving has been the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. I first discovered this scrub last summer when I grabbed a small pot of it for my summer travels. I was blown away. Yes, I still do love my St. Ives Apricot Scrub, but this Lush scrub is just amazing. It has a fresh, salty, slightly citrus smell that takes me straight to summer and the smell of the beach. I take a quarter sized amount on my fingertips and gently massage it onto my damp face in circles. Key word, gently, because this scrub has a lot of salt inside it, so it really does all the work for you. This scrub leaves your face really smooth, balanced, and hydrated. The lime juice works to clean and brighten your complexion. Don’t forget when you buy a new one to thoroughly mix it to distribute the salt throughout the product. Highly recommend, especially to those with oily or acne prone skin.

Lastly, we have the Big Sea Salt Shampoo. This is another product I have been using for over a year. It has a very fresh and ocean smelling scent that lingers in your hair. I apply just a little bit on my very wet head and massage in circles. If this shampoo is not lathering, add more water! The salt helps gently exfoliate your scalp, cleaning, de-greasing and promoting hair growth. It has lime juice for shine and coconut oil for moisture. I use this shampoo once a week as my clarifying shampoo, but what I also love about this product is that it does not strip my hair. It leaves my hair super voluminous and bouncy, without being dry. I super recommend this shampoo and my first bottle lasted me a long time (if you remember to add more water if it’s not lathering!!) which makes it worth the price.

I hope I’ve inspired you to go test out some of the amazing products Lush offers.