London Beauty Haul: Rimmel London Goodies


Being in London, I felt that it was a no-brainer to pick up a few pieces from one of its most well known drugstore brands, Rimmel London. Rimmel is a brand that you can find in the States, but similarly to L’Oreal, it does not release their full line in the US. The first time I walked into Boots, I was shocked by how large the Rimmel counter was. Back home, their counter almost seems like a footnote, lost at the end of an aisle and sometimes not even in the beauty section. Personally, I think this is rather sad because Rimmel is one of my favorite drugstore brands due to its affordability and quality. Once I was staring face-to-face with such a selection of never before tried (by me) Rimmel products, I had to pick some up.

RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION FOUNDATION: This is a product that I’ve been thinking about testing for a long time. I can thank Tanya Burr, a successful beauty blogger and vlogger, for my curiosity because she has mentioned often how much she loves this foundation, so naturally I had to buy. Rimmel Match Perfection is sold in the US, but again like the L’Oreal True Match foundations, it doesn’t come with a pump which I find really annoying. This gave me more incentive to purchase it in Britain. Thankfully, Tanya was right because the finish of this foundation is really beautiful, giving a natural glowy sheen to the face without being super dewy. It also has pretty solid medium coverage making it appropriate for daily wear and also bridging the gap nicely from day to night. This foundation, when paired with my favorite primer (Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm), seems to last a good eight hours on me before my oil starts to break through. Note that if you are oily like me, you may want to bring along blotting powder for touch ups. If you have dry skin, I think this foundation could definitely work well since it didn’t feel drying at all. One negative feature of this foundation is that when I wore it back-to-back for three days, I did notice that I had a little bit of skin congestion around my cheeks and chin. I haven’t isolated this foundation as the cause, but I would say that people with more acne prone or sensitive skins may want to proceed with caution. Overall, I like this foundation and I’d say that its beautiful finish makes it a winner. Definitely check it out if you’ve been looking in to it! Plus, it won’t break the bank to try!

RIMMEL WAKE ME UP CONCEALER: I first tried this concealer after picking up a tube in Canada this past Spring. At first, I struggled to get along with this product because of its really light coverage, but after playing with it for a little while I fell in love. This is one of my favorite products to highlight the under-eye area. Similar to the Touch Eclat by YSL (but much less expensive), this product beautifully illuminates and brightens dark circles giving a glowing and refreshed look to the under-eye. I use this every single day over my Bobbi Brown Corrector! It’s such a staple in my makeup bag to recreate that Kim K highlight, so obviously I had to pick another one up.

Overall, I’ve been really impressed by so many of the products that Rimmel London releases. I think the brand is really affordable, has a great diversity of products, and is great quality for the price. Definitely check some of these products out if you can get your hands on them, they won’t disappoint!

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