London Beauty Haul: L’Oreal Trio


Upon my arrival to London, I’d gathered up quite a list of makeup bits that I was hoping to pick up during my trip. Let’s just say that I’ve been anticipating this visit for months (maybe even years) in the hope that I could get my hands on some of the amazing products that my favorite British bloggers have raved about for ages. L’Oreal is one of those brands I am always intrigued by. A beautiful hybrid of luxury quality at drugstore prices, I find the makeup that L’Oreal releases incredibly innovative, perfectly on trend, and really impressive. There is only one issue I have with L’Oreal and that’s the fact that some of their new releases are not made available globally. There are so many products that this amazing brand has released this year that I’ve wanted to get my hands on, but I was unable to because of the fact that they were not realized in the United States. So, with a trip to London booked, I feverishly reread all the raving drugstore reviews from the last year to narrow down my list of MUST HAVE British beauty items. Here’s three that made the cut.


Firstly, the L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt Contouring Palette (US link); I’d been trying feverishly get my hands on this product for months (and I mean months). I remember when it came out in the Spring, I tried to order it from, but they only had the darkest shade in stock; naturally, I bought it anyway. It didn’t work for me…but I did learn one thing. I loved the texture of this product, so it was added to the top of my London wishlist.

These cream-to-powder formulas are absolutely brilliant, especially for my oily skin. They blend like a dream and the color is a perfect grey-toned brown that truly creates a shadow-like contour under your cheekbone. I like to use my Zoeva #109 Face Paint brush (a narrow, long style) to get a perfectly chiseled line under the cheekbones.

In terms of the highlight, I’m a bit more careful with this product. Because I’m generally more of a fan of the lighter brightening concealer-pen highlighting formulas, I really had to work with this product for a bit to figure out how it works best for me. I like to take some of the cream on my finger and warm it up on the back of my hand before applying it to my cheekbones, between my eyebrows, down my nose, and my cupid’s bow. This makes the cream a bit lighter on the skin and prevents it from settling into my pores (I have large ones). I also like using a beauty blender to sheer out the product as I blend it.

So, yes, I highly recommend trying out this product if you can get your hands on it. It comes in three shades to fit a huge range of skin tones.


Next product on my wishlist was the L’Oreal True Match Foundation. I know you can get this foundation in the States but there were a few reasons why I decided to wait and pick it up in the UK. Firstly, the little bottles sold in the US drive me crazy (link here). I hate to have to pour the liquid foundation out onto my hand, so honestly, this prevented me from ever trying out this foundation before. The True Match foundation in the UK has a pump and an enormous selection of fair skin tones available. I know this seems trivial, but the packaging was a huge reason for me to hold off and wait to purchase this foundation in Britain.

In terms of the product itself, I think this foundation is beautiful. It blends effortlessly into the skin; I like pairing it with a Beauty Blender or Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. The coverage is perfect for day to day. It always covers up my redness on my cheeks without looking too heavy for daily wear. Also, it has fantastic lasting power paired with my Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm as a primer. This foundation looks beautiful all day long, but I will have to powder my T-Zone halfway through really long day. The color I picked up is actually really nice as well. My skin is warm toned and although I picked up 2C (cool toned) because they were out of 2W, it really isn’t too pink at all. Honestly, I think this foundation is pretty neutral. Overall, I’ve loved using this foundation and now I want to pick it up in all my shades for year round!


Lastly, we have the L’Oreal Glam Bronze Cushion de Soleil Fresh Glow Bronzer (quite a mouthful). I believe this product was released this Summer, a few months after the release of L’Oreal’s Cushion Foundation (review here!). Being a huge lover of the cushion foundation and after seeing so many of my favorite British beauty bloggers loving this bronzer version, I knew I needed this guy in my life.

I honestly think the concept of a cushion bronzer a bit ingenious. Cushion foundations typically deliver beautiful natural light but glowy coverage to the skin that’s perfecting without looking like you’re wearing foundation. Why wouldn’t I want this for my bronzer! This is exactly what this product delivers. This bronzer is absolutely beautiful. The color is rather neutral with a slight warm undertone making it perfect for warming up the complexion on so many skin tones. It blends beautifully into the skin, especially when applied with a beauty sponge, and sets down, keeping it from moving throughout the day and increasing its lasting power. Similarly to the foundations, this bronzer is packed with pigment, so a little goes a long way. If you’re looking for a product to warm up the complexion while blending seamlessly and naturally into the skin, definitely check this one out!


I really hoped you enjoyed this mini makeup haul and review. I’ve got much more coming to you from my London Haul series! Check back soon for more!

Also, if you have any recommendations on any more products I should pick up while in Europe or if there are any european products you’d like to see a review on, leave them in the comments below!

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