Keeping it Casual


Casual has always been a struggle for me. Fancy, dressy, and formal comes pretty natural for me and maybe that’s because I was one of those kids who loved to play dress up, the fancier the better. Prom that was my game. I loved shopping for endless hours for the perfect dress, the perfect makeup look, the perfect shoes… I lived for dances so much in high school that I always had friends asking me to get ready with them and help them with their makeup, hair, dress, etc., because apparently just getting myself ready was not satisfying enough. Fancy and formal is exciting for me in that disney princess, your dreams will come true kind of way. But casual, that’s more of a challenge.

Casual style is a much better reflection of an individual and it has taken years for me to start forming my own personal style. Honestly, I feel like it has gone through so many changes, reinventions, and updates over the last few years that it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve felt really consistently satisfied with my wardrobe. And through this process I’ve realized a few key things that have really shaped my personal style.

  1. Neutrals aren’t boring! They really suit me and I should try to embrace them as much as possible. Black, grey, white….
  2. A single statement piece or pop of color is much more sophisticated looking than competing colors and it makes you look very put together.
  3. For me, bags in classic colors are a must! Black and brown is really all you need to cover your bases.
  4. I invest in classic pieces, that will last years. But don’t over invest because I am young. I don’t actually need to be considering that designer jacket… yet
  5. High quality and comfortable basics in many colors (especially neutral) are essential, because I wear them more often than not.
  6. Play up your favorite features and chose your most flattering silhouettes. Skinny jeans are the most flattering on me and I know I have to avoid oversized and wide cut tops and dresses that can overwhelm my petite figure.
  7. Only buy and keep pieces in your wardrobe if you love them. Your wallet and closet will thank you.
  8. Invest in your everyday shoes, there is nothing worse than loving how they look and hating how they walk.
  9. Simple and elegant jewelry is my favorite.
  10. Just because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean you need it. More often than not trendy items look horrible on me or don’t fit my style, but that one rare find can really update your wardrobe in a exciting new way.

Finding your personal style isn’t always easy and can change drastically with time, but identifying some of your favorite tips for yourself can really help develop cohesive wardrobe and a sophisticated style.

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BAG: Free People

BOOTS: Steve Madden

WATCH: Michael Kors

EARINGS: Kate Spade

EYESHADOW: Lorac Pro Palette #1

LIPS: Mac Syrup