Jewelry I Have Been Loving


I’ve never been a huge jewelry person. I think it’s because I’ve always been an on the go person and jewelry is always something I forget to put on. I usually don’t even buy jewelry. So my jewelry collection is very minimal. But lately I’ve tried to make a bigger effort and experiment with some jewelry wearing. So here are some of my favorite pieces  that I’ve picked up lately and that I’ve been wearing a lot recently.

So I took a peak at the H&M jewelry section and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve never been one to invest in trendy pieces, so H&M being not a huge investment seamed like a good idea. I picked up two pieces, this gold bar necklace and this chunky cuff bracelet. They look really beautiful together and I like paring the bracelet with my Michael Kors watch. I have been presently surprised at their quality. They have a nice weight to them and haven’t tarnished, chipped or scratched. Overall, I’ve been wearing these pieces a lot lately, which is quite a commitment for me. I think this jewelry is really beautiful and I’m excited to check out more of H&M’s jewelry section in the future.

DSC03978 DSC03987