Indie Beauty Brands You Never Thought You’d Find at Sephora

Indie Beauty Brands You Never Thought You'd Find at Sephora | A La Gray

Over the last year, Sephora has opened it’s doors to many new skincare, makeup, hair, and fragrance lines that add incredible diversity to their more traditional beauty lines. Many of these smaller lines have seen enormous popularity and have created a strong fan base. Whether you’re a committed Indie beauty lover or are simply interested in trying out some new brands, here are some amazing Indie beauty brands you never thought you’d find at Sephora.


Drunk Elephant

This line is based on nourishing Marula oil and a myth that elephants would become intoxicated after eating this fruit.

“In developing this line, I wanted to pull the effectiveness from the clinical and the sense of safety from the natural. The result is something people really haven’t tried before.”
– Tiffany Masterson

The Ordinary

Delivering clinical formulations, with integrity, at low prices.

Glow Recipe

This K-beauty line has a focus on healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin. Powerful natural ingredients deliver lasting hydration to keep your skin looking soft, smooth, and bright.


This natural beauty brand focuses on minimalism. Their active plant ingredients deliver results you can see and feel.

Moon Juice

A brand is based on transforming yourself from within through beauty and dietary supplements full of super herbs and mushrooms.

It’s Skin

This adorable K-Beauty brand not only delivers fun packaging, but serious results with state-of-the-art formulas and natural ingredients.


A brand dedicated to clearing up acne with products that work and are designed by real people suffering from acne.

Too Cool for School

This K-Beauty brand delivers playful packaging, quality products, and the latest trends to the skincare market.

Volition Beauty

Beauty products created by real people with real skin concerns.

Saturday Skin

This regenerative skincare line is based on Cha-7 es Complex which supports collagen production for a youthful, flawless complexion.


Lilah B.

A brand based on minimalistic beauty with beautiful, wearable colors and performance-based formulas.

Natasha Denona

Created by famous makeup artist, Natasha Denona, this user-friendly collection takes performance makeup to another level with high-quality ingredients and cutting-edge formulations.

Kari Gran

This line of eco-luxe lip products is sure to impress. Their homemade, non-GMO formulas, are made by hand, in-house.

Wander Beauty

Multi-tasking at its finest; built from a less-is-more philosophy and an on-the-go lifestyle. This brand is all about streamlining.


High performance makeup that is targeted at underrepresented, mid-range skin tones.



Designed to be the ultimate hair breakage fighter, this innovative formula delivers your shiniest, strongest, healthiest, hair of your dreams, in a bottle.


This brand is dedicated to bringing professional, salon-quality products at reasonable prices.


Derek Lam 10 Crosby

Where fragrance meets film.

I hope you found this list of Indie beauty brands you can find at Sephora helpful. I’m a huge fan of many of these brands and I hope that you’ve discovered a new line or product you’re excited to try out.

Indie Beauty Brands You Never Thought You'd Find at Sephora | A La Gray

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