How to Create an Inspiration Board

A La Gray | How to Create an Inspiration Board

I’ve always loved to surround myself with beautiful things that awe and inspire me. Those little things that make me smile, make me want to create, and make me wake up and start the day with a fresh outlook. Creating an inspiration board has been one of my favorite ways compile my bits and pieces of inspiration into one dynamic piece of wall art. It’s a simple way to create a space where I can arrange all the photos that I have been loving, so that I can admire and use them for reference when I’m feeling unimaginative.

Creating an inspiration board is pretty straightforward. I picked up this cork board and frame from TJ Maxx. It came with some pins, but I picked up some more T-style pins from Target to hold more photos. All the photos I selected were pulled from my Pinterest page, some from my Dream Wardrobe Board and others from my Face, Hair, and Body Board. I saved each photo individually to my desktop (right click on the photo) and named them accordingly to their image. Then I arranged them all on a word document so that when I printed, I could save paper. Finally, I used a paper cutter to cut the images out and then I arranged and pinned them to my board. What’s nice about a cork board is that nothing is permanent. You can always be adding and arranging photos the way you like them or as your tastes and preferences change. Creating an Inspiration Board is one of my favorite ways to add a colorful and personalized bit of artwork to a workspace or even a bedroom.

Here’s a link to the document I created, so that you can download and print the photos I selected for my board. Otherwise, you can check all these photos out on my Pinterest.

Download My Photos: Inspiration Board

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