How I Extend My Blow-dry and Only Wash My Hair Twice a Week

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Hey guys! I’m back with more of my hair tips! Last time, I chatted with you all about my hair washing routine and how I only wash my hair twice a week. If you haven’t see that, you can check it out here! Today I’m going to give you all my tips and tricks for extending my wash for three or four days!

Moving towards a twice a week hair washing schedule has definitely been a journey, I will admit. It does take a bit of time for your hair to get used to this schedule, but even the smallest reduction in hair washing makes a huge difference in its overall health. So here’s how I keep my oily hair under control.

My number one lifesaver when it comes to extending my wash is dry shampoo. I’ve been using dry shampoo for around five years now and it has totally changed my life (I know, dramatic, but it’s true). Dry shampoo was my first step to extending my washing routine from every other day to twice a week.  If you haven’t jumped onto the dry shampoo bandwagon, here’s my quick spiel. The way dry shampoo works is that it soaks up all the oil/grease in your hair. I apply it to my scalp and I use my fingers massage and distribute the product through my hair (kind of like shampooing your hair in the shower). Then I usually throw it up in a bun for ten minutes or so to let my hair soak up the product. I finish it off by brushing it through my hair. What’s awesome about using dry shampoo is that it not only “cleans” your hair by soaking up the grease, but it also adds quite a bit of texture and volume that is really great, especially if you have limp straight hair like me. I will spray a bit of dry shampoo along my hair line on day two hair and then for day three and four, I’ll go all out. Personally, my favorite brand is Batiste (the wild sent) because it gives the perfect harmony between texture and a clean feel.

The next two things I use to extend my blowouts and hair washes are volumizing products. Firstly there’s the Bumble and Bumble Prét-à-Powder which is 1/2 dry shampoo and 1/2 volumizer. This product does an incredible job at giving your hair a little lift at the roots. You apply it by lightly dusting the powder over your roots and massaging it in. It does a decent job for soaking up oil, so it’s great for second day hair that’s not too gross yet. The next product is a bit of a splurge. This is the Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray. This product gives incredible volume and smells like a dream; Oribe products are scented with Tom Ford fragrance, which I greatly appreciate. I like to spray this through my roots and then toss my hair upside down and massage the product through my roots. The one downside is that this product doesn’t have very good hold, so the volume will decrease over time. But, all it takes is a quick upside-down hair shake and you’re good to go!

The last product that I use to extend my wash is the L’Oreal Mythic Oil. This is my go to oil for moisturizing dry hair. It provides incredible moisture and nourishment to the hair and really helps calm frizz and makes your hair beautifully sleek, smooth, and shiny. I apply this all over my lengths and ends and finish it off by brushing it through to distribute the product evenly. This product has been my lifesaver for keeping my hair nourished and healthy between washes. It has a really light texture that doesn’t weight your hair down, but still packs a punch in terms of moisture. When my hair starts to feel dry, usually around day three, I use this product to give my hair a little life again. It’s my number one product to fight split ends and my favorite oil I’ve ever used!

Well that’s everything I use to extend my blowouts and hair wash schedule! If you enjoyed this post, check out my previous post about my hair washing routine! I’ve also got another hair post coming up on Friday, so stay tuned for that as well. Please leave a comment down below if you’re interested in hearing more about my hair, whether it’s through haircare posts like this one, or tutorials, or something new! afterlight 10  afterlight 11 afterlight 9

Products Mentioned

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Bumble and Bumble Prét-à-Powder

Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray

L’Oreal Mythic Oil