Finding Fall in the Berkshires

Finding Fall in the Berkshires | A La Gray

When seasons shift, I tend to be ready for a change. I look forward to new weather, new fashions, and new times of year. The one exception to this rule has to be Summer. Each year, as Summer draws to a close, I’m always left with a feeling of longing and disappointment. I’m never ready for the end of beach days, summer vacations, or full-day Netflix marathons. Thankfully, this year is going to be a little different. There’s a lot of change happening in my life right now and with that comes excitement and anticipation of what comes next. I’ll begin to give more details as they come to fruition, but for now, that’s all I’m going to say.

This past weekend, I traveled up to western Massachusetts for a family wedding. It had been years since I’d been to either a wedding (last time I was a kid) or New England. In high school, my family and I would visit family up north rather often. We had a tradition of spending a few days in New York city after Christmas each year and we have family in Boston, so trips up north were a common occurrence. But since heading off to college, it had been a long time since I visited. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited, not only for the wedding but for a change of scenery.

The weather was wonderfully cool; I was finally beginning to get inspired for Autumn. I think it’s going to be hard to beat the incredible Parisian Fall I experienced last year, but I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of east coast weather. Since living in Los Angeles the past three years, it was often hard for me during this time of year. I’d always loved the Fall time and seasonal changes in general, so even though 75 degree days all year round could be pretty wonderful, it also could seem pretty monotonous. All in all, I’m excitedly anticipating the idea of cooler weather.

We took these pictures last weekend while in the Berkshires. There were all these fields of beautiful wildflowers which served as an amazing backdrop. We also stopped at Tanglewood, a beautiful outdoor concert venue where city-dwellers flee the city to enjoy picnics on manicured lawns and music from famous performers. After much exploring of small towns and even an alpaca farm, I returned home this week to pick up the pieces left by hurricane Irma. Thankfully, there was no lasting damage, but living without internet for the next four or five days could be a serious challenge. Wish me luck!

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Finding Fall in the Berkshires | A La Gray Finding Fall in the Berkshires | A La Gray Finding Fall in the Berkshires | A La Gray

Finding Fall in the Berkshires | A La Gray

Finding Fall in the Berkshires | A La Gray

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