Fashion Haul Part One


Over the last few months, I have been doing a bit of shopping here and there and since I haven’t featured any of these pieces in either a post or a video yet, I thought that I would go ahead and share them in a little fashion haul. I’ve picked up a few items here and there but a large portion of these I purchased on a little birthday shopping trip. Because I have quite a few things to share, I’m going to split this haul up into two parts. So here’s part one.

The first thing I picked up, I think in January, is this leather jacket from Free People. I was strolling around main street in Venice Beach with some friends and came upon this cute little Free People store and naturally had to take a peak inside. Thank god I did because I found this little gem in the sale section and got it for nearly 60% off! Which is a pretty good bargain since Free People items can often be a bit pricey. For a number of years now I have been wanting a leather jacket, but have really been struggling on finding a style that fit me the way I was imagining. I have one from Zara that has some beautiful layering in the front, but often this style can swallow my smaller frame and have too much fabric the a more relaxed daytime look I have been going for. So when I came across this Free People jacket I was thrilled because it incorporated a lot of the stylistic elements I had been searching for: cropped length, zippered sleeves, distressed or vintage inspired style, and vegan leather. Overall I have been very pleased with this jacket and have been hoping for some chiller weather to grace LA so that I can put it towards good use.

The next thing I picked up were these boyfriend style jeans from Zara. Boyfriend style jeans are another clothing item I have been searching for. I have struggled a lot with boyfriend jeans because firstly the baggy style often overwhelms my petite frame or the rips are so extreme that I look like I was attacked by an bear. So for a long time I had given up with the boyfriend jean style saying that they were just not for me, until I saw these. These jeans are a bit different because they have a slimmer fit and are perfectly distressed to give off that boyfriend vibe without that overly slouchy and unflattering look on me. These jeans look amazing with a pair of heals and a feminine style tank top. I would highly recommend!

Now, it comes down to these last three pieces I picked up this week for a little birthday treat. I’ll start off with the coat. I first saw this coat online and thought it was really beautiful. I have been very drawn to grey coats recently and think that they are incredibly elegant looking especially in a draped style similar to this one. After spotting this in the store, I immediately tried it on. The first thing that struck me was how slimming the style is. The coat itself is roomy enough to layer underneath it, but still slimming enough to really flatter your figure. The tied closure does a nice job of accenting your waist too. Being inspired by outerwear, I also spotted this scarf. I have been looking for a black scarf for a staple neutral element in my wardrobe, but I often think the solid black scarves are too bland. So I really fell in love with this lightly patterned grey and black, massive, super snuggly, blanket scarf. It’s unbelievably warm and cozy and will be perfect for my upcoming adventure to colder weather. The last item I picked up is this grey t-shirt.  I originally grabbed it simply because it was $8, but after sizing it up for a slouchy fit, I realized how much I liked it. I mean who doesn’t need more basics. So I had to grab this one since I pictured it looking great with my new boyfriend style jeans or also my black skinnies.

I hope you enjoyed this first part of my little fashion haul! Keep and eye out for part two!

fashion Haul Part 1


Leather Jacket from Free People

Boyfriend Jeans from Zara

Coat from Zara

Blanket Scarf from Zara 

Grey T-shirt from Zara