DIY: Glitter & Pearl Initials

Greek Letters

I have to admit, I love crafting, DIY-ing, and fun little projects, as you could probably tell if you’ve ever seen my planner posts. So, the other weekend I took a trip to the craft store, for my sorority’s Big-Little week, and got a bit carried away. I was inspired by Pinterest, as usual, to create some fun initials for my little. So, here’s how I did it!

Gold letters painting colloge

This is how I made the gold letters with the glitter accents. I purchased the white wooden letters from Michael’s craft store along with the rest of the products you see me use in this post. First, I spray painted each of the wooden letters gold. I’m sure any spray paint will work fine, just remember to shake the bottle before using it. I honestly shook it for three to four minutes. I sprayed two coats, keeping the bottle about a one and a half feet away from the letters. In order to not make a mess, I did this outside and used a paper shopping bag to protect the floor. I let the letters dry for fifteen minutes before applying the second coat.

After spray painting and waiting thirty minutes for them to finish drying all the way, I applied the glue. I used Martha Stewart crafting glitter glue and spread it around on the letters with a paint brush. I did this so I could get an even distribution of paint and draw straight lines for the bottom edge of the partially glittered letters. Next, I applied a heavy amount of glitter, covering every inch of the glue, and let it dry for another thirty minutes. After the letter is dry, I shook off the excess glitter and voila! It’s done!

pearl letter colloge

To make the pearled letters, I started by spray painting them gold like I did for the glitter letters. After they dried, I applied the E6000 super glue in small sections, starting at the base. I then spread this thickly with a popsicle stick so that the small area I was focusing on was covered. Next, I sprinkled the pearls on the glue in random sizes and packed them together with a popsicle stick, using the smaller pearls to fill in the gaps. I pressed bits of paper against the edge of the letter, framing it, so that the pearls could be packed evenly on the edge without falling off. This is how I finished the rest of the letter and then I left it to dry overnight.

These DIY projects were supper fun and I thought that they turned out so well that I might want to make some more for myself!

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