Dinner and a Dress

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With Summer coming to a close and my last few days with my family in beautiful Athens, Georgia draw near, I have made a small bucket list to help me complete my Athens must dos before I depart for LA.  This list includes some of my favorite things to do while in Athens, such as eat breakfast at Waffle House (known as the awful waffle in my family), swim at the Legion Pool, take a walk through downtown, expand my friends’ makeup wardrobes at Ulta, grab a BBQ sandwich with Dad, and lastly and most importantly, eat at one of my favorite restaurants EVER, the Last Resort Grill. I guess I have been going there for quite a while; I’ve seen the menu change and develop over the years, giving us hungry customers the delicious, western-inspired and southern-concieved, cuisine we crave. As often as I can, I return to this Athenian institution for a bite of the Firecracker filet, the most amazing filet I have ever tasted, the black bean burger, the praline chicken and many other delicious meals. And as I’ve learned, the only way to properly finish not only a meal at the Last Resort Grill, but a visit to Athens, is with a slice of their Red Velvet cake, because lets face it, we’ve all got a bit of a sweet tooth.

DRESS: Urban Outfitters

SHOES: Sam Edelman

BAG: Marc Jacobs