Color Pop Ultra Satin and Matte lips


I will admit, I’m a little late jumping on board with the liquid lipsticks trend. I’m really not quite sure what was keeping me from giving them a go, but I finally decided to do a little research and pick up some lovely lippies from an affordable brand with amazing reviews, Colorpop Cosmetics. So I placed a review online for an assortment of seven of the Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Lips. After playing around with these for a couple of weeks, I thought it was time to give them a review.

Out of the two formulas, I prefer the Ultra Satin Lips. I personally suffer from pretty dry lips, so any kind of moisture is necessary for any lip product to look flattering on me. These satin finish liquid lipsticks are really beautiful because they have an unbelievably long wear time, similar to a liquid matte lipstick, but are not drying and uncomfortable to wear. These lipsticks have incredible pigmentation that goes on really smooth and creamy with one swipe. They have a smooth comfortable finish that wears beautifully throughout the day without leaving a gross white line on the inside of my lips. The applicator is nice because it’s stiff which provides great control, which is necessary when applying these products because they do set up rather fast. After setting, they will not fade throughout the day, but they are prone to transferring on different surfaces such as drinking glasses. I haven’t had any trouble with smearing though, which I do appreciate.

I do like the Ultra Matte Lips, just not as much as the Ultra Satin Lips, because they are not quite as comfortable to wear on my dry lips. These products are definitely a true liquid lipstick, so a dry formula does come with the territory. They set beautifully with a matte finish that does not budge, transfer, smudge, move or anything throughout the day. They last an incredibly long time without any fading, which is pretty amazing for any ladies on the go who are looking for a reliable lipstick that can offer bold pigment without the high maintenance. I do recommend moisturizing your lips before application. I use the Smith’s Rosebud Salve (link below) in the beginning of my routine so my lips are properly prepped before I apply the liquid lipstick. This balm is also works on top of this lipstick formula for extra moisture as well.

Overall, for both formulas there is a fantastic color selection full of neutral, bold, and even crazy shades like silver, so everyone can find a shade for them. My favorite way of removing these lip products is with coconut oil, such as the VMV Hypoallergenic’s Makeup Removing Oil, because they are tough to remove and so far only an oil has been able to break down this long-wearing product (not even my Bioderma works). Plus, the oil is super moisturizing for post liquid lipstick dry lips. My favorite neutral color is Magic Wand, but I also have been loving Frick’ n Frack (dark burgundy) and Echo Park (creamy peachy brown). I totally recommend trying these lovely products out, especially since they are only $6 each!

Donut (matte), Solow (matte), Magic Wand (satin), Echo Park (satin), Beeper (matte), Lumière 2 (matte), Frick’ n Frack (satin)

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips

Rosebud Salve