Catching up on Coats

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For a long time, coats never seamed to fascinate me. Growing up in the South East, we always had mild winters where coats were never a real necessity, so I never found myself wanting to splurge on them. I guess going through school with a strict uniform never helped my fashion experimenting either, so I got along just fine with my not so trendy patagonia fleece through high school. But hey don’t get me wrong, I still love that outdoorsy fleece. It holds a lot a great memories and is one of my favorite no fuss, snuggly pieces. But coats…that’s a whole other level of sophistication.

I didn’t really discover coats until my freshmen year of college. I took a trip to Paris over my Spring break to visit one of my closest friends who was spending her first year in college there through a NYU program. That was a really amazing trip where I truly felt, for the first time in my life, free and independent. One of the many things I discovered, other than great books, french macarons, and chocolate almond croissants (wow), was how much of a statement a beautiful coat could make. I came to France for this trip with a few sweaters and an old coat I’d had for years and I left with a much heavier suitcase, and a much lighter wallet. For this I have no regrets, because one of the things I picked up, from Zara of course, is this light blue coat.

I remember seeing this coat in the store and being like woah that’s really cool. I had underdressed that day and was already feeling a little chilly in my tights and light cotton dress (beware, March in LA does not equal March in Paris), so the idea of warming up was definitely on my mind. I had been browsing some of the more neutral options and was carrying around this one coat in a burlap style fabric that I really loved, but when I saw this light blue coat, I was immediately intrigued. So I grabbed it in my size and hurried over to the dressing room. At first I wasn’t sure. It seamed a bit big, kind of long, and way out of my comfort zone, which I will admit was very limited at that point in time anyway. So I sat there looking in the mirror, practicing my french, so that I could ask the changing room assistant what she thought. Thank god I did, because that kind and super enthusiastic girl gave me two thumbs up and I walked out of the store with two new coats in hand, unaware that I was about to start down a long road of coat obsessions.

So this coat holds a lot of memories for me, especially from that trip to Paris. I still keep some metro tickets in the pockets to remind me of the trip every time I wear it. I also got so excited to show my friend my new purchases that she fell in love with this coat and we went out the next day and got one for her. Overall, I have really embraced incorporating coats into my wardrobe, regardless if I actually need them for warmth here in LA. I think that coats can immediately increase the sophistication of an outfit and also add clean lines and beautiful silhouettes to anyone’s figure. Now, I am a coat convert and I don’t see myself going without them in my wardrobe anytime soon.

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COAT: Zara

SWEATER: Banana Republic


SHOES: Steve Madden