Boyfriend Jeans & Nude Heels

Boyfriend & nude sitting

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts (here), boyfriend jeans have always been a struggle for me. For years now I feel like I’ve searched for the perfect pair, trying on what seams like endless amounts of slouchy styles hoping to come across my one little diamond in the rough. I’ve always known exactly what I was looking for, my own twist on a boyfriend style jean. I wanted them to be distressed, very distressed, and to taper at the ankle for a lengthening and slimming fit. I wanted them to be slim fitting, but still loose. I wanted the jeans to have a nice fit on the butt, not tight, but fitted and flattering. My specific requests proved hard to find.

Finally, I realized I wasn’t really looking for true boyfriend jeans but a boyfriend inspired jean. Something a little less slouchy and a little more me. I recently discovered this jean at Zara, one of my go to stores for fashion inspiration at an affordable price. Searching yet again for my “boyfriend jeans”, I asked for a little help and that’s all it took. This nice sales assistant gave me one look and took me straight to these little beauties. Luckily I was wearing heeled sandals that day because the second I tried them on and looked in the mirror I was sold. These were exactly what I have been looking for! They were perfectly slimming with the right amount of distress and slouchiness. No more disappointed blank stares in dressing room mirrors as another pair of boyfriend jeans failed to impress me. I have accomplished this little mission and I couldn’t be happier.

So yesterday as I wore this pair of jeans for probably the fifth time in the last two weeks, see I’m addicted, I thought I’d snap a few pictures for you on my iPhone. Sorry the quality isn’t as good as photos taken from my normal camera, I just couldn’t wait any longer to share! If you’re not a boyfriend jean convert, I hope I’ve inspired you to get out and try out some more styles.

Boyfriend & nude looking back Boyfriend & nude looking downBoyfriend & nude shoes


Boyfriend Jeans – Zara

Tank Top – LF

Pumps – New Look

  • I have wanted boyfriend jeans for so long but just haven’t found what I like with them, this post is super helpful. Just followed you on bloglovin!!

    • Grayson

      Thank you so much!

  • Such a classic combo – I love how it mixes the classy with the more casual. And those boyfriend jeans really suit you!

    Katie |

    • Grayson

      Thank you that’s very sweet!