Blogger Inspiration: Amber Fillerup

Amber blogger inspiration braid eiffel tower

Hey guys! I thought I’d do something a little different. I’ve been changing it up a bit here on the blog to add some more diversity to my content. Definitely let me know in the comments below if you’re enjoying all of this new content; I love to hear feedback! Today, I thought I’d introduce a new series, Blogger Inspiration. Similar to my other series, My Inspiration, that I post around once a month, this series will highlight my current favorite blogger that I have been obsessed with. Whether it’s because I love their blog posts, videos, pictures, or overall style, I’ll share my current favorite blogger with you all.

Today’s blogger’s name is Amber Fillerup and she’s blogging over from Barefoot Blonde. Amber has an incredible blog full of gorgeous photos, awesome videos, and great writing content. Out of everything she does, I think her travel vlogs (video blogs) and her hair videos and posts are my favorite. Here’s a link to her YouTube channel, if you’re interested in checking her videos out! She’s currently my hair goals and has even inspired me to think about getting bangs! I know quite a huge step out of my hair comfort zone, but her beautiful hair is pretty convincing.

I would say that Amber is fully responsible for my current braid obsession. Her hair styles are so perfectly intricate looking and very innovative, but her tutorials make these complex styles look achievable for us normal ladies. She also gives incredible tips and tricks that she’s either discovered herself or has been taught by some of the industry’s finest, like the Victoria Secret Angel’s hair stylists (check out her video here!) In addition, she has amazing style that’s classic, but trendy at the same time. I highly recommend following her on Instagram for some daily life inspiration.

One thing that makes this blogger unique is that she shares glimpses of her family life with her readers. She shares pictures of her two beautiful children and effortlessly incorporates them into her blog posts without altering the content that so many of her readers have come to love. Amber has inspired and motivated me to be more effortless and personable in my blog, especially through my photos. She does an incredible job of capturing her personality through photography and I admire this ability of hers so much. If this little rant hasn’t convinced you to check her out, then maybe some of her beautiful pictures will. These are some of my personal favorites from her blog. Please let me know in the comments if you’ve enjoyed this type of post Amber Blogger Inspiration

Check out Amber’s blog here!