Beautiful Day at the LACMA


Hey all! Just a quick apology for not posting anything last week. Midterm season can really bog you down. But in celebration for completing them, I did do quite a few exciting things this weekend, so hopefully you all should be seeing a haul soon! One of the most exciting things I did this weekend was visit the LACMA, the LA County Museum of Arts. Shockingly, even though I’ve been living in Los Angeles for almost two years now, I haven’t managed to check out this museum, so it was pretty exciting to finally get to explore it. The main attraction that brought me to the museum was my mother’s interest in seeing the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition. So upon our arrival, we purchased two tickets and sat down for a bite to eat at the museum café, Ray’s and Stark Bar. I ordered the Little Gem salad which was really beautiful and tasted amazing! It was very fresh with a citrus vinaigrette and sliced apples which added a wonderful sweet twist. We also enjoyed munching on the Sugar Snap Pea and the Black Kale salad, both equally as delicious. If you end up visiting the LACMA, I highly recommend checking this restaurant out. I’ll attach their menu here.

Next we moved on to the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition. His pieces were organized, which mainly consisted of photography, into themes that vaguely corresponded to a timeline. To say that they were quite extraordinary and shocking wouldn’t be giving this exhibit or his work enough credit. In his time, Robert Mapplethorpe pushed societal boundaries by documenting, through photography, the gay community in the 1970s and 80s. He used the medium of black and white photography to capture controversial subject matter in a sophisticated yet jarring way. Although I was shocked by some of the material and subjects that he included in his artwork, I did really enjoy the overall exhibition. I do recommend checking out this exhibition for those lovers of photography out there. I think there is also another exhibition of his at the Getty Museum in LA currently as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check out any more of the museum’s permanent collection or traveling exhibitions, but after seeing this show, I am very interested in coming back soon to explore further.

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DRESS – Zara

JACKET – Abercrombie

BAG – Kate Spade

SUNGLASSES – Dolce & Gabbana