Backdrop of Black


The color black used to scare me. I thought it was harsh and dark and that it would wash out my features with its starkness. I had always favored its lesser intense cousin navy over black for my go-to dark neutral. But as years have passed, I couldn’t have changed more. Especially over the last year, black has been my staple. I consistently return to black looks for their sleekness, chicness and sophistication. I feel like a black outfit just takes everything up a notch. It tuns a casual outfit elegant and a simple look refined. Now that I think about it, I probably wear something black everyday and my favorite way is to wear it is not as a focal point, but as a backdrop. I really enjoy wearing all black and then incorporate an unexpected pop of color or contrast to add an element of surprise. I do this by adding a statement piece like a bag, coat or jacket, shoes, or scarf. Something that can add creativity to the otherwise monochrome look. So cheers to black.

black leopardDSC02671DSC02705DSC02623DSC02654DSC02699DSC02772


SWEATER: rumor boutique

SHIRT: urban outfitters

PANTS: zara

BAG: marc jacobs

SHOES: steve madden

LIPS: nars cruella