A Week in Paris Through my Phone

Hey everyone! So, this is my first week through my phone post! I’ve loved to read these kinds of posts forever, so I’m excited to bring them here to A La Gray! I think that these kinds of posts give a great glimpse into the lives of some of my favorite bloggers. They help us satiate our curiosity and help us imagine what their lives are like. After being here in Paris for a few weeks now, I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to keep you all up to date on my adventures and my overall Parisian experience. Please let me know if there are other ways you’d like to stay updated in the comments below.

These photos are from last week. Because I have been a bit busy in class, I was only able to get out and explore a few times. I hope as I settle in, I’ll be adjusted enough to be able to use my free mornings to really get to know this beautiful city.


(1) beautiful pink roses I picked up at a local florist. The Parisian flower stores will take your breath way with both their display and their assortment of incredible blooms.

(2) The Tour Eiffel on a rainy day. Naturally, on the day I set aside to visit the Eiffel Tower, it was absolutely pouring. Luckily, the rain stopped and the sun peaked out just long enough for me to snap this photo

This past weekend, we took a spontaneous trip to Etretat, a small village in Normandy known for its romantic views, quaint architecture, and delicious seafood. We stayed in the most adorable little cottage about 10 minutes south of the city with the kindest hostess. Each afternoon we enjoyed either strolling along the boardwalk, exploring (and eating) our way through town, and hiking the cliffs of Etretat. Although it was a bit chilly and rainy, I absolutely adored this sweet little taste of France.


(1) Me(!) on the cliffs over Etretat

(2) & (3) Beautiful views from our hike over the cliffs

(4) Adorable donkeys we ran into on our hike

To finish off the week, I thought I’d throw in a few pictures from my shopping trip today in the Marais. Before class, I took a quick metro ride up north of the Seine to check out a few of my favorite stores. My main goal was to check out some of the new Fall collection from Zara, but I ended up strolling through H&M and New Look as well. Here are some of my favorite pieces I tried on (all from Zara). I ended up going home with the skirt. Outfit pictures will come soon (Probably on Insta)!


(1) Absolutely love this Long, Grey Herringbone Style Coat. I think the cut is so beautiful and elegant. It creates a graceful shape on your figure while maintaining a classic shape.

(2) Adorable Botton Plaid Skirt is to die for! This 90s inspired piece took me right back to Clueless, one of my favorite movies, so I had to take this one home with me.

(3) This Tie-Up Light Grey Wool Sweater beautifully incorporated the lace-up trend that’s been huge over the past year. I also loved how the laces made this relaxed cut more edgier.

(4) Lastly, we have the Sweet Double-Breasted Darker Grey Jacket. This jacket is such a classic piece that I could see being seamlessly incorporated into my wardrobe. I also adored the pairing of a classic style with a stylized flair, such as these great oversized pockets.