6 Products that Cleared Up My Acne and Scarring

6 Products that Cleared Up My Acne and Scarring | A La Gray

I’ve always had a history with acne. I’d say I started getting acne when I was thirteen. I remember how oily my skin was and how awful my breakouts were in my t-zone. I remember my first dermatologist appointment and all the topical creams and prescriptions I was given to heal my acne. Thankfully, I grew out of it young enough that I was never left with any longterm effects such as scarring. I also began educating myself about skincare when I was 16 and ever since, I’ve understood the importance in taking care of my skin.

Unfortunately, these past few months I’ve started experiencing acne again. I’ve heard that every seven years your hormones change, which can result in some unbalances in the body. This would make sense in my case, being twenty-one, so hopefully, the acne I’m experiencing now is temporary, especially since each little spot has left its mark. As a result, I’ve had to completely scratch my old skincare routine for new and powerful acne-fighting products. Although my acne isn’t completely gone and I still experience a few blemishes, these products have really made a difference in preventing and healing both my acne and its resulting scarring.

My Acne Superheros

SkinOwl Maqui Berry Beauty Whip: I first started using this product in June, and it was an immediate game-changer for me. As you may know, I write some content for SkinOwl (I promise this is not an ad), so I was given the opportunity to try out their new mask. It completely blew me away. Containing maqui berry, one of the worlds most powerful antioxidants, this mask leaves your skin looking more even in tone than any product I’ve ever tried. I like to use it in place of a night cream as an overnight moisturizing treatment so that I wake up with glowing skin every morning.

Sunday Riley U.F.O (Ultra Clarifying Facial Oil): The partner in crime to the cult Luna Oil, this Sunday Riley favorite really has me impressed. I apply this to my problem areas, as well as my t-zone where I have larger pores, every morning and night. This dry oil has salicylic acid which helps clear congested pores and clarifies the skin. It also diminishes acne scars and soothes inflamed and irritated skin with chamomile and neroli. This product has done an amazing job at minimizing my pores and has really reduced my acne.

Pixi Peel and Polish: This is the first peel I’ve ever used and I’m obsessed. Containing lactic acid and fruit enzymes, this product melts away dead cells, revealing fresh and healthy new skin. For all those who love their scrubs, this product has grainy bits that gently exfoliate the skin. I use this three times a week which has really made a difference in reducing the appearance of my acne scars. I highly recommend.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum: This smoothing and resurfacing serum is another exfoliator. I use this product on the nights I haven’t used the Pixi Peel and Polish to further help increase my cellular turnover. I wear this over the Sunday Riley UFO oil to clarify and brighten my skin. Being gentler than the Pixi peel, I enjoy using this product, especially when my skin is feeling irritated or sensitive.

SkinOwl Lavender Beauty Drops: I’ve been using this facial oil as my morning moisturizer since April. Having a base of nourishing argan oil, this fast absorbing product makes my face feel moisturized and plump, but never oily. Because it contains oily-absorbing lavender, this face oil helps keep my skin mattified all day.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: This is the newest addition to my skincare routine. After experiencing a few particularly heinous blemishes, I decided to pick this acne drying treatment up as an intervention. This product is a bit tricky to get the hang of. Firstly, you don’t want to shake it. You apply it by dipping a cotton swab into the jar, through the clear liquid and into the pink powder at the bottom. Then you tap the cotton swab on your blemish. Because it leaves a big pink dot, I like to use it overnight. It works its best and fastest when applied on a blemish that’s just begun to form, otherwise it might take a few days to heal it. It’s a dream product for those pesky under the skin, cystic acne spots!

If you, like me, struggle with oiliness or breakouts, I definitely recommend trying out some of these products. They have made my acne much more manageable and have significantly reduced any blemishes and scarring over the last few months. These products are a godsend!

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6 Products that Cleared Up My Acne and Scarring | A La Gray

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